Customized sportswear commonly used several kinds of fabrics

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-04-27
Everyone in custom-made uniforms, in addition to pay attention to whether the design of sportswear fashion, another is the choice of fabric. Fabrics to choose whether or not properly, the direct relationship between the wearer feel. Everyone had such experience, whether a piece of clothing after sweating, stick in the back is very afflictive, actually for sports clothes in order to avoid such problems, the key is to choose a few absorb sweat and quick-drying fabric, here introduce a few kinds of commonly used customized sportswear fabrics: a fabric knitting class, regular movement summer: 1, wire mesh cloth, all ingredients: 100% chemical fiber, silk screen eye and points big mesh and small mesh and Jane eye cloth; Professional functional effect, quick moisture absorption perspiration both mesh fabrics are suitable for sports shirt long sleeve round collar and lapel production and production, the color can be according to customer request color plate shot out of the big goods, thickness, weight can be adjusted freely, softness, etc all can be adjusted according to customer requirements; The whole screen, double eye beads and ChanZhu two; 2, semifinished indiana, ingredients: 88% nylon, 12% spandex, also has the function of quick moisture absorption perspiration, feel soft elastic good, does not shrink, don't rub off. Sports T-shirt fabrics commonly used; 3, cool silk, nylon and spandex material, single plain elastic medium; 4, appropriate and cool, 100% polyamide fiber ingredients, moderate pleasure breathable mesh, mesh such as: jacquard knitting cloth, bubble indiana, stripes knit, small jacquard knitting cloth, canvas, cloth, spandex hole hole youku silk fabrics, super soft tabby, ball net cloth, pineapple cloth, Doris, low stretch all over the sky star cloth and so on all is the company's normal use fabrics with summer sporting t-shirts. Second, knitting class in the spring and autumn outfit pants fabric: as a professional sport pants fabric knitted fabric, sewing effect is, crisp type, permeability is good, have hang down feeling; Usually have 180 grams of heavy jing mian mian cover silk fabrics, 290 grams of heavy kam ammonia single jersey, 180 grams of heavy knitting to blow, 220 grams of heavy light knitting, weight of 230 grams of velvet knitting goods and so on are knitted sweatpants routine use fabrics. Three, in the high-end sports fabric knitting class: top sports T-shirt, 1, Nike elastic mesh, nylon and spandex ingredients, is in the shape of elastic tension all the most used in high-grade fabrics golf T-shirt, Nike company research and development design, hence the name Nike elastic mesh; 2, 180 g combed single or double bead heavy terylene bead cloth, 65% cotton, 35% polyester, the blended fabric is mainly manifested in the crisp, not shrinking; Wear comfortable unchanged shape; 3, spandex butterfly net, ingredients; 100% spandex, is in the shape of all play pull small mesh structure, usually for high-grade t-shirts and t-shirts. Four, in the high-end sports woven pants fabric categories: 1, 50 d compound inferior smooth woven cloth; 2, 50 d there is light and inferior smooth woven cloth; 3, worsted peach sport woven fabric etc.
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