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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-04
Sleeveless tennis clothes, as the name suggests, are tennis clothes without sleeves, but this kind of clothes is different from basketball clothes. The opening of the cuffs of the basketball clothes is very large, and the neckline is also very large, but the sleeveless tennis clothes are different, the cuffs are open. The ones are relatively small, the necklines are also average, and some still have lapels, which looks like an ordinary tennis suit minus the sleeves. When we need tennis clothes, have we thought of customizing it? So which is better for custom sleeveless tennis clothes? (Games Apparel) Ingor Customized Sleeveless Tennis Wear Introduction Ingor is a sportswear custom manufacturer with 19 years of industry experience. It has been focusing on the sportswear manufacturer custom industry for many years. It is a manufacturer with very senior industry experience. According to the requirements of this customer, we can customize tennis clothes and other clothing exclusively for this team. We are known as group clothing customization experts. We have been customizing special clothing for governments, enterprises and institutions, school groups, etc. for many years. If your team needs to customize sleeveless For tennis sportswear, choosing our Ingor is a good choice. We all know that if you buy tennis clothes in general stores, you can rarely customize them. If you can, then you can also sell them to other manufacturers to help customize them. However, because of the small quantity, the price is very high. Ingor does not In the same way, because it is a self-operated manufacturer, production and sales are all operated by ourselves, so we have a great advantage in price; in terms of quality, our own manufacturers control themselves, so we strictly control the source of fabrics to ensure high quality. low price. So make custom sleeveless tennis suits, just come to our Ingor . Recommended: custom volleyball uniforms
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