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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-04
[Price of custom-made tennis sportswear] Tennis sportswear, as the name suggests, is the clothes you wear when playing tennis. There are sleeveless and sleeved, collarless and collared. The style depends on personal preference and actual application. Therefore, the price of customized tennis sportswear also has some differences according to the actual situation. What is the price of customized tennis sportswear? Ingor 's customized tennis sportswear uses high-tech functional fabrics, which increases the elasticity of tennis sportswear and four-way elastic performance, making Ingor 's customized tennis sportswear manufacturer products more durable and tear-resistant. Selected raw materials, fine workmanship, and the integration of super-strength spandex make tennis sportswear more elastic and durable. The movement of the high-brightness material makes the team members more conspicuous and greatly improves the safety! , The designer adopts the cutting and splicing of composite human motion, so that the players wearing this tennis sportswear are more comfortable in sports, without the sense of restraint! The general price of customized tennis sportswear can be divided into fabric cost, labor cost, printing cost, packaging cost, distribution cost, etc. Basically, the price of customized tennis sportswear by a sportswear manufacturer is based on these costs. , In addition, there will be a little difference according to the size of the brand. If you need to customize tennis sportswear manufacturer, please contact Ingor !
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