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Custom clothes need to understand those aspects

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-04-24
Because a lot of people like to wear sportswear, sports wear comfortable, contracted and easy, because clothes because the clothes is suitable for a variety of occasions, so admired by many people, so we are in custom clothes need to know what aspects. Tracksuit with chemical fiber, especially polyester, polypropylene, belong to the water repellency fiber, itself hygroscopic very few, but by the capillary effect, enable it to along the porosity of the fiber itself, the gaps between the fiber and the fiber absorbs moisture and conduction. This is a feature of sports clothes, this kind of chemical fiber fabrics can moisture absorption perspiration, lies in it to absorb sweat, sweat spread very fast, and on the other side of the fabric can be quickly evaporate. In addition to the performance of the moisture absorption perspiration, sportswear choice of chemical fiber fabrics is another reason why this kind of profiled polyester fabric has characteristic of not easy to close. After chemical fiber processing into a single section, its flexural modulus increased, this is another feature of sportswear, therefore also not too easy to close after moisture absorption, won't make a person's skin to feel wet. From the point of view of sports clothes, first of all, different sports for the style, color, appearance is have different requirements. Second, clothes can not influence the movement of people, to be able to make the person's sports ability into full play. Therefore according to the different sports project choosing appropriate performance materials for production. Sportswear characteristics such as swimming can use imitation sharkskin fabric; While cycling, gymnastics, ice skating, skiing, besides colour to bright-coloured, the clothes they also have certain elasticity. We often see in the sportswear market multilayer fabrics, the fabrics of different layers have different functionality. In fact, is a kind of polyester/cotton fabrics on the market many years ago, in cotton, polyester, achieve personal comfort. And now in the market for sportswear this kind of fabric is, in turn, the position of the chemical fiber and cotton cotton on the outside, chemical fiber inside, do also to enhance the moisture absorption perspiration and dry performance.
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