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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-01
Couple spring and autumn sportswear manufacturer suit This year Ingor 's couple spring and autumn sportswear suit incorporates a lot of Chinese elements, both“lotus pond moonlight”,“good luck”,“Chinese dragon”wait, there's another“sea ​​river cliff pattern”This year's Ingor couple's spring and autumn sports suits are very traditional. Combined with modern production technology, the traditional pattern adopts the international advanced sublimation technology, reactive and environmentally friendly dyeing, and carries out standardized production, without adding any harmful chemical agents, in line with international environmental protection standards. A set of spring and autumn sportswear manufacturer suits for couples is operated by Ingor from design to production to sales. The standardized manufacturing saves most of the unnecessary cost waste in the middle, and the profits obtained are directly rebates to the sales price, giving consumption to consumers. the biggest discount. If you are choosing or don't know how to choose a couple's spring and autumn sportswear suit, go to Ingor to take a look, or consult us, Ingor will give you the most professional shopping guide advice! In addition to spring and autumn, Ingor 's summer clothing customization is also very beautiful, welcome to click to choose!
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