costa coffee shop \'throws personal trainer out\' for wearing a sports bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-12-05
A personal trainer claimed that he was being asked to \"cover up --
Because I wear a sports bra.
Davina Ward bought coffee at the counter and a staff member approached her and said it was \"common sense\" for her to wear more clothes \". The 35-year-
Old, who runs her own personal fitness company, claims that she was subsequently asked to leave the store on Surrey Sutton Street.
Ward MS said she was in the gym most of the time because it was her job, adding that she had never been asked to cover it up before.
Ward told ITV London: \"It is not the fact that they let me leave, but the woman who served me let me leave . \" MS.
\"I have never been so angry in my life.
\"I am very annoyed,\" Ward MS told the Sutton Guardian . \".
\"Why did they let me sit down and tell me to leave and embarrass me?
Asked the barista in the MS Ward to claim that she did not let the customer leave the store, just to cover up the facts.
\"It\'s health, safety and common sense.
\"We have a lot of people coming in from the gym, not because it\'s a bra or because it\'s a girl,\" she told the Daily Mail . \".
The issue sparked a debate on Twitter.
Some commentators say coffee shops have no right to tell customers how to dress, while others say they agree with the chain\'s decision that people should wear shirts after the gym.
Ward MS asked for a refund of her coffee and then went to another shop nearby.
She said she went to Ninja class with a friend and had no other clothes to wear, adding that from now on she would stay in Kensington\'s hometown for coffee.
Kerry Parkin, communications director at Costa, said: \"We would like to apologize for any offence to the lady in question, and we are investigating events related to the local store.
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