conquering beach season

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-09
Say goodbye to spring soon.
Suitable for the season, summer fun is bad for some anxious time.
Not everyone is worried about their beach bodies, but celebrating.
It\'s a struggle for others, and Heidi Wicker in the suburbs of Dallas knows this well. But the 41-year-
The old mother of the two children came up with a solution.
\"I really hate the look of a swimsuit.
\"We have a pool and we like to have friends and neighbors in the summer,\" Wicker said . \".
\"In Texas, this could last until September.
She chose the \"most practical\" swimsuit and calculated her blessings consciously.
\"The bottom line is that my kids won\'t remember how bad I was in my swimsuit in 2017, but they will remember the good times we had in the pool,\" Liu said . \".
\"I have a pair of swim shorts and a camper this year --
Super safe style top.
\"While Wicker says she may lose 10 or 15 pounds, the swimsuit pressure is not left to those of us who curve or bump, and we think there is a problem with these places.
Actor and former beauty queen Priyanka Chopra escaped a disaster in the Baywatch shower
As the villain in the film version of the old lifeguard TV series, she recently said, \"but in real life, we are people . \".
It\'s okay that our bodies are changing.
\"An idea swimsuit, coupled with a lot of support, can play a big role in calming beach anxiety, especially for people wearing bikinis.
Old friend Emma says the top should be as comfortable as your favorite bra
Jane Hughes and Hill Ashley
They launched an affordable swimsuit collection last year, Lilly & Lime, specifically designed for women wearing more than D cups, ranging from 28 to 38 HH, although the bottom size is only 14.
People with health problems are better off looking for items that can be purchased separately, such as items from Lili and lime.
There are many options along these routes.
\"The most important thing when choosing a bikini or swimsuit is that you have to have the right size, especially when you are bigger,\" Hughes said . \".
\"In order to find the right size, we recommend that you fit like a bra and choose the bra size and bottom size you would normally wear from the brand that offers a cup size top.
The two also recommend considering what you are going to do in a swimsuit.
\"If you want to take a break and don\'t want to wear brown clothes, go and do bandeau or balconette [shelf]
Said Hill.
\"If you plan to get active or chase the little guy on the beach, then the straps with underwear are best for extra support and safety.
\"As for the color, the color of the Wicker is darker.
Hughes and Hill don\'t buy black-is-
This is the best mentality for women who want to hide.
\"Choose a color that makes you happy and suits your skin tone,\" Hughes said . \".
\"Bold colors keep a focus on fun, away from the body parts we don\'t like to expose.
\"For girls and young women, much of this problem is directly related to the constant bubbles on social media and the increased physical humiliation of the beach season.
Three years ago, millennials
Focusing on women\'s website Refinery29 launched a campaign called \"take back the beach\" to fight back.
\"We and our readers are really tired of the messages that young women receive during the beach season, and you have to take some way or some kind of action to get the idea of a bikini figure, going to the beach to wear a swimsuit should be just something to do for fun and relaxation, \"said Anna Malby, deputy editor-in-chief of health and health at refinery29.
\"We want to abandon all the ideals that tell us we have to look at in some way.
This year, the focus of the campaign is on \"Body dialogue\", challenging the way people talk about their bodies, and the way others do.
As for dealing with the beach season, focus on \"what your body can do, not what it looks like will make you feel much better, whether it\'s running or giving birth,\" Malby said.
In fact, it takes a lot of time and effort to try on a swimsuit, she said, so pay attention to who you bring to express your second opinion, or use the free returns provided online to go by yourself.
\"We tend to put ourselves in the box, in terms of our\" body type \", or what works for us, what doesn\'t work for us, or what we are allowed to wear or are not allowed to wear
Trying to break these boxes and try a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and things you don\'t think are right for you, it\'s a great way to find something new that feels great, Malby says.
Dale Noelle has spent 20 years working as a \"fit\" model to help major fashion brands make sizes.
She also did swimwear work for the catalogue.
The work was done after she struggled with anorexia.
After recovering around the age of 13, her self
Consciousness continues until the age of 30.
\"The more I do, the more comfortable I am,\" says Noelle, who is now the mother of a young girl and the founder of her own Model Management agency in New York.
\"There are a lot of positive people around me.
It helps to be comfortable on my own skin.
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