Congratulations on the relocation of Ingor Sportswear Zhengzhou Branch and the opening of its flagship store-Ingor Sport

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-29
The relocation of Ingor Zhengzhou Branch and the opening ceremony of the flagship store came to a successful conclusion. The scene was enthusiastic and the atmosphere was lively. The opening of the new store will provide local consumers with high-quality, fashionable team sportswear and attentive service. Ingor would like to wish the relocation of the Zhengzhou branch and the opening of the flagship store a good luck and good fortune! Please enjoy the beautiful photos of the scene below, high energy in front, please be prepared to see the pictures. ▲The picture above shows Mr. Luo Kui (middle), the founder of Ingor brand, and the head of the branch celebrating the opening of the new store. Walking into the store, you can feel the strong style of the king, the simple and elegant layout, and the orderly display. It looks very Sophisticated, customers can enjoy a comfortable and unforgettable shopping experience in a home-like environment. Going to the office area on the second floor, the office area is dominated by white tones, with other colors embellished, so that the whole space can reveal the vitality in a low-key manner, which complements the dynamic and fashionable theme of sportswear. Ingor pays attention to the combination of fabric quality and environmental protection, so that every piece of clothing has a lasting appeal. Coupled with fashionable design, soft hand feel and three-dimensional tailoring, it has won unanimous praise from the market and the industry. From Chinese style to Nordic style, the designer has carefully designed and gained a large number of loyal brand fans, and the brand strength is beyond doubt. As a brand focusing on the customization of team sportswear, Ingor has been contributing its own strength to the Chinese sports industry. Over the past 23 years, it has always adhered to the concept of green and environmentally friendly design, and has been sparing no effort to adhere to the original Chinese style design, continuously improve the manufacturing process and sense of technology of clothing, and strive to become an influential group sportswear brand in China. The relocation of Ingor 's Zhengzhou branch and the grand opening of its flagship store mark another solid step in the development of Ingor in the field of sportswear. Hope to work hand in hand with more dealers in the future, and strive for the sports cause of the motherland for life! Ingor Zhengzhou Branch and Flagship Store Address: 300 meters north of Jinshui Road and Jiankian Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, 36-4, East Road, Ingor
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