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comfort is king: how sports bras became a legitimate underwear alternative

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-08
We all aspire to a more comfortable life.
This is the reason for sports and leisure.
Used to be just another eye.
Inducing mixed words to describe those who spend a day in habieson lulululemon-
From the Cherry Hill brunch spot fixture to a completely legal word in the dictionary. And no wonder.
After all, why in the unyielding rigid brunch-
Jeans that fit when luxury leggings abound?
Or, when the Reebok Classic has a elastic sole, suffer from even a moderate heel?
This dedication to planning a more relaxed life also extends below, and more women choose to spend the day --to-
Carry out daily business with the support of sports bra.
Evidence of this can be found not only in the dressing room of the local gym, but also in the sacred hall of the M & S lingerie department.
Street Hero sells more than 20 million bras and 60 million pants a year, and has a wealth of knowledge in our smile.
So it reveals the best at the moment
The sales style is complete. cup, non-
Small number for wired Sports, will not look inappropriate on the yoga mat.
\"The modern sports bra used to be the only area of the gym and has now become a favorite for many women --
Choose bras as their favorite day-to-day or weekend style, \"said Soozie Jenkinson, head of underwear design for the brand, adding that
Over the past year, wired bras have grown by 40.
\"They provide amazing support by combining innovative technical designs with ergonomic motion styling.
This key has three colors: black, khaki and white.
Season style was born from the popularity of bralette-
A light, lace, lounge-
Usually in style, but a little lacking in the substance of the lover.
Jenkinson said: \"Bralettes are very popular for us, but because we sell so many bras and cater to so many different ages and sizes, everything we develop must be supported, and in G-cup.
This gives customers who are used to wearing T-shirts.
Over the past decade, there has been confidence in buying the look of the bra.
Another brand that offers no-
The decorative underwear on the street is Uniqlo.
The latest ultra-soft and streamlined Master of the Japanese chain-
Wireless relaxing bra-is a crop-
Top style, comfortable enough to sleep, but structured enough for the bus to take a walk in the park.
Any wire, Hook or regulator has been replaced by Ultrasonic
A seamless and invisible bonding structure, while a wide elastic strap reduces the burden on your shoulders.
The brand also offers an active range of seamless bras in a variety of colors and prints that can sometimes be on the agenda. Gap’s style-
The range of conscious adaptation provides a great deal of life
Bra style across low friendly sportsto high-
Influence and characteristic
Stretching, moisture-
Sweat discharge fabric and lock contour seams to eliminate the possibility of friction
Running in HIIT class is as beneficial as running in school --
Although the so-
Known as sports health bra from fragile lace triangle and push-
The Ups features loose jersey fabric and a safe and reliable base strap.
Sportswear brandSiloualso focuses on fashion Barry-to-
The bar sports bra in neutral tones includes the best-selling Audrey Crop with asymmetrical back.
\"We design bras not only for the studio, but also for \'lifelong Wearing --
Everyday items that can be worn outside the walls of the gym, \"says founder TatianaKovylina, a former Victoria\'s Secret model and three mothers wearing exclusive news.
Cut Cindy style as a replacement for the breast
Nurse bra, CEO and yoga teacher phoebegreenacre supports sports --
Prepare Chloe crops as a whole
An essential day every day.
Sydney is also the best in the class.
Headquartered in The sports brand The Upside, focus on low
Sports bra
Ideal to hide under a work shirt-
Due to their speed, which pair of bikini tops
Dry, SPF30 fabric, while the streets of the country of P u2005 E-meets-
Sports clothing extends to various underwear crops
It\'s like a panel when something in the moment is important.
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