[Come and watch] Ingor seamless underwear factory shoots new women's underwear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-26
Innovation and launching new products is a common occurrence for ingorsports seamless underwear factory. Ingorsports, seven 18-year senior ladies underwear designers, launch 8-10 new ladies underwear products every day. In order to let everyone know these new products more quickly, underwear factory Ask a model photography company to shoot for several days in a row.

Although seamless underwear has only begun to enter the public's field of vision in recent years and is sought after by people, the competition in the seamless underwear industry is also quite fierce. Whether a seamless underwear factory can be recognized by everyone for a long time is based on underwear processing. A big reason for the invincibility of the industry is whether this underwear factory has the ability to innovate, and how about the development ability of new products.

In the past, it was especially obvious in Guangzhou. Guangzhou International Trade City attracted visitors from all over the world to find manufacturers here. Most Guangzhou underwear manufacturers opened a stall in the Trade City, where one or two people guarded the storefront and sat down with customers to negotiate Okay, many customers will bring some samples to find manufacturers, and underwear manufacturers are also keen on this, saving development and design, and they are happy to make some money in production.

With the opening of more and more underwear factories in the same industry, the profit of pure processing OEM OEM is getting lower and lower, and many underwear factories are unsustainable. Then those underwear manufacturers who focused on Ru0026D and design very early began to take advantage. Just like Guangzhou seamless underwear factory ingorsports, as early as the establishment of the underwear factory, it has attached great importance to independent research and development capabilities. It launches nearly 300 new women's underwear products every month, and supports customers to provide samples. To provide customers with personalized women's underwear customization services.

As the ingorsports seamless underwear factory pays more and more attention to the e-commerce network, and in order to facilitate customers to quickly learn about our ingorsports new women's underwear, ingorsports also spends a lot of money these days to hire a professional from Hangzhou Underwear models, find a professional photography company to shoot a series of new products that we are about to launch in 2017.

In this shooting, our seamless underwear factory started to organize hearings from the selection, peer comparison, international fashion reference, combined with the sales experience of our underwear factory for so many years, and selected more than 70 new products. From the shooting point of view, it took a month or two for the model to make up.

In the future, these new women's underwear will be fully rolled out on the official website of our seamless underwear factory, Ali platform and Tmall platform, so that you can learn about the new products of ingorsports seamless underwear factory at the first time!

Of course, if you are looking for a seamless underwear factory and have some women's underwear styles on hand, we can also provide you with on-demand services! Tel: 13777902292

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