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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-07
1. Winter: It is extremely cold and warm, and the dimness of nature creates opportunities for us to display colors, and colors that are off-season will also be attractive. Of course, the conventional ones should be navy blue, mixed gray, turmeric, dark blue, and brown. In winter, they can also appear in a neat and delicate matching image. This requires skills, and the fabric can be wool, cashmere, and camel hair. Can be worsted or woollen. 2. Autumn: The vegetation is sparse, and the yellow leaves all over the ground should accumulate a heavy harvest mood. Dressing that consists of a set of warm colors is recommended. For example: brown, mustard yellow. best in autumn“overall dress”way, a two-piece suit, a three-piece with a vest, or a trench coat. The choice of fabric can be varied, and the fluffy texture and soft cut are worth considering. (Outdoor sports shoes) 3. Summer: The scorching sun and the blazing heat with nowhere to hide make us long for coolness. Neutral colors, contrasting white and black, pure and relatively weak colors will be welcome. For example: natural white, ivory yellow, light beige gray. Cotton, linen and silk are the preferred fabrics for this season's dress. Simple and well-tailored, these sophisticated suits can be worn to work and evenings. 4. Spring: All things recover, and the thriving atmosphere expresses a relaxed and warm mood. Colors this season can be in any group of the spectrum, with cool to warm transitions being the most common. Such as beige, light green. The fabric texture is dominated by tight and elastic worsted fabrics. The structure advocates a coordinated two-piece suit plus a windbreaker. Regardless of sports or leisure, in our daily life, we can always see the figure of sportswear manufacturer suits. Today's sportswear is no longer exclusive to sports, and has already entered the ranks of daily casual wear. In recent years, sportswear manufacturer suits The styles are constantly innovating, and new fabrics are constantly being discovered. The styles have gradually developed from the original sports exclusive to leisure sports; in addition to the previous polyester and cotton fabrics, new fabrics such as icy silk and bamboo charcoal fibers have been added. , more suitable for sports. Ingor has been focusing on sportswear for 19 years, specializing in customized team sportswear for teams, suitable for sports meeting appearance ceremonies, outdoor development, corporate training and other group activities. Related recommendation: manufacturers
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