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November 1, 2002 broadcast
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Paula Zane, cnn anchor: We\'re going to welcome a whole new month with Andy Deville.
Happy November.
October, not bad.
Andy DeVille of fortune: October was great.
ZAHN: compared to previous actions.
SERWER: That\'s right, it\'s been the best month since January, 87, but of course I should mention that everything was terrible 30 months ago.
So you will bounce back a little bit.
However, the market did not perform well this morning.
The Dow Jones index fell 75 points.
Most of this is related to unemployment.
Unemployment was announced this morning.
Unemployment rate was 5 in September. 7 percent.
A little higher.
Is it October?
September is 5.
6, so its trend has risen slightly.
Not a big surprise.
We did, however, reduce more jobs, so the situation continues to deteriorate, followed by Harvey Pitt, SEC chairman.
ZAHN: There\'s a lot of controversy around him.
Yes, absolutely, and he\'s really hot.
The SEC itself, the general accounting firm of Congress and Senator Sabans also conducted an investigation, and the White House issued a statement this morning. . . (AUDIO GAP)ZAHN: . . . e-
Emailing earlier this morning, we usually get a very balanced statement of how people deal with these issues.
None of him wrote to him today and he was in favor of having Harvey Pitt stay.
This is very unscientific, but it reflects how angry people are about it.
I want to tell you.
Paula, hurry up, we talked a few stories earlier this week. Amazon.
Com opened the clothing mall I said on the internet yesterday. There were some glitches yesterday.
They sell bras in the men\'s department.
This is a mistake.
This is not a \"brother \".
\"Do you remember the brothers in the\" men\'s bra \"episode\" Song Fei biography?
It\'s just a mistake, men bra?
ZAHN: Well, maybe someone wants to save his wife time for shopping and he bought it for her.
This is an obvious possibility, Andy.
A mansere (ph)
Another definition, too.
Look, I certainly ended up at Dylan\'s Halloween candy store as well, and I received some gifts from Ralph Lauren\'s daughter, Dylan Lauren.
This is Paula\'s Wonder Woman pace.
ZAHN: I can\'t live without that. thank you.
SERWER: with your colleagues
Big guy anchors and Jack\'s anchorI thin. . .
ZAHN: I think it\'s great that Dylan says it\'s a bar that accurately reflects who these two people are, big chunks.
Big Guy.
Thank you.
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