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May 19, 2010 voter uprising
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Host joy behar: on joy behar tonight, you know, the right wing is looking to overthrow 24-year-
Old Miss America, they are really catching the straw now.
They just released a picture of her naked on the bear carpet. and-a-half years ago.
Then Rand Paul, the first tea party candidate to win the primary election, will be on the show tonight, at least I hope he will.
We are too conservative financially. we have to bring him in by bus.
Jonathan Reese Meyers threw the word \"N\" in the first round of the Kennedy Airport.
You know it\'s too bad.
I used to love him.
Now I\'m going back to fantasize about Regis.
There\'s more now.
Miss America Rima Fakih was supposed to be here tonight, but she had a minor accident in the green room.
So it\'s just Moy.
No, I\'m just kidding.
Miss America, Rima Fakih is here. Here she is.
Put it back on your head, dear.
Miss America rima fakih: I don\'t think I can balance it either.
You perfected the wave.
Faki: I made waves. Yes.
I don\'t want to do the whole thing--
This is Miss America.
I think Miss America is more like everyone.
Bihar: You know, now that I think about it, you do look like the Statue of Liberty.
FAKIH: I do? BEHAR: Yes.
Give me your tired, you are poor, you are desperate.
Congratulate you.
Mr. FAKIH: Thank you.
Bihar: you won. Are you all --
Are you excited?
That\'s great, isn\'t it?
FAKIH: I will think that every time President Paula Shugart leaves the room or anyone organized by Miss Universe, I will take a towel and go, \"I am really miss America.
\"BEHAR: but the whole thing is surrounded by controversy, but it\'s good, you know.
There is a lot of controversy. FAKIH: Yes.
I\'m number one in Yahoo search!
I heard it was Google.
Baby, that\'s how you go, so you\'re excited about it.
I\'m excited. I think --
I think everyone wants to be a part of your success when you succeed.
Bihar: That\'s right. FAKIH: Yes.
Bihar: no one likes you when you\'re out of poverty. FAKIH: Yes.
No one wants a simple person.
Bihar: so here--
Here are some photos. -
They will show you pictures of pole dancing.
We have seen these.
First of all, you are wearing clothes. FAKIH: Yes.
Bihar: Some people say you should be disqualified if you just stand there in shorts.
Faki: a group of women.
Bihar: you are dressed enough.
I saw some pictures--
What is this in American underwear models?
I don\'t even know what I\'m talking about.
Well, that one is more like filming. -
The theme you shoot for every Miss America.
It\'s called \"Wake Up in Vegas \".
This is the theme, as you can see on the screen now, these are all beautiful, artistic-
I want to say--
Photos taken by Fadir. That`s mine.
Bihar: they look great.
You look beautiful.
Mr. FAKIH: Thank you.
BEHAR: but frankly, I think these are more enlightening than you are in front of the pole.
Faki: Do you know the Poles? -
We\'re talking about it.
Have you ever heard of a gang dance practice class where a group of women get together, and you can say, I mean, that\'s what happens.
Because there are about 100 women who call and try to be the ones who call on the 95 th, once they come in they learn how to dance, feel sexy, learn how to do belly dancing and get on the pole.
Why do you have money in your bra?
Faki: Do you know?
Those photos should not be taken.
These are photos taken by my own friends while working on the radio.
What\'s more interesting is that because we are all left at home and with the event sponsors who happen to be awarding awards, this is a particularly interesting thing I take home because I am considered stupid.
I put the money in the bra and we took a picture like cheese that ended up being posted.
They were brought in. -
They should not be a very different background. BEHAR: Right.
We won\'t see your sex video right now, will we?
Faki: No, not at all.
Bihar: There\'s no such thing.
Faki: nothing.
As we all know, I have great respect for my family and my reputation.
I think once these photos are posted, their release background is completely different from what should not be.
BEHAR: Right.
FAKIH: so everyone took them as if I was undressing and to be honest it was just a competition, sorry to compete ---
More is the activities held by the radio station.
BEHAR: Right.
FAKIH: It\'s a promotion for every woman.
Bihar: Okay.
You\'re the first Muslim. -
Well, it\'s not Muslim.
2nd ArabsAmericans win.
Faki: I think this is the first Arab. American.
Where is your family from?
Faki: Lebanon.
Lebanon, that\'s right.
So you feel the responsibility to break the stereotype of Muslim women?
Do you feel it?
Faki: I heard--
I think I \'d rather say Arab women.
I don\'t know--
Are you a Muslim?
Faki: My family is from a Muslim background and we are more--
Not religious.
What I want to say is that we are a family of spiritual freedom.
So you\'re not a religious Muslim?
This family is not religious.
FAKIH: we do celebrate Christmas and we are open-minded in many ways.
I have Christian and Muslim faith in my family, but we are Muslim.
From my point of view, I am a Catholic.
I don\'t know much about it, but it seems to me that the Muslim community is unhappy with beauty contests and posing in underwear. FAKIH: Yes.
There are also pole dancing activities.
I mean, I don\'t think they like that.
Faki: I grew up a little differently.
How did they react to all this?
Faki: I went to Catholic high school too, so my family is very different. I think --
I\'m not quite sure how many people are not happy with it, but it\'s like there\'s a strict part of every faith.
You have Muslims who are very strict and don\'t like what I do.
However, my family-
I can only speak to people I know on behalf of my family and they are very proud of me.
They think I\'m not, you know, posing for beauty or wearing a swimsuit, but for something more important.
Because of inner beauty, because of wisdom, stand up for a positive image, not for others trying to portray it as a negative image.
BEHAR: I see.
I won\'t name it now. -
Michelle Markin and Gretchen Carlson-
But the two women said you won because you are a Muslim.
What do you think?
FAKIH: very interesting.
BEHAR: It\'s like a politically correct thing-
Like the affirmative action of beauty pageant
What do you think?
Faki: I can\'t say that\'s the right thing to say.
Just because I\'m not the first Muslim to win Miss America, that\'s a mistake.
Behar: I don\'t think you\'re from Michigan, USA?
Yes, I am.
Bihar: you\'re an American girl. isn\'t that the most important thing?
Yes, yes.
I\'m an American girl. I\'m not--
I mean my family comes from different religious backgrounds.
So apart from the reasons I won according to the criteria organized by Miss Universe, I can\'t say I won.
That is, you know, get to know the history of your country, get to know the current events, and be able to stand up for the right things for personal interviews.
Be able to volunteer to participate in awareness platforms for breast and ovarian cancer.
Do more for your country
In addition, on August 23, I will represent the United States in the Miss Universe pageant, which will be held in the Bay of Las Vegas.
The same is true in the United States.
Is there any better place? BEHAR: Right.
I hope you win.
I hope you win.
Mr. FAKIH: Thank you.
BEHAR: others, they\'re a little annoyed, some people in this country, you win for some reason and beat Miss ocracer.
First, they say you stumbled upon your dress, which proves that the match is fixed as if no one had stumbled upon their dress.
What do they think, you want to run this country or something?
What\'s their problem with you?
Faki: One thing I want to say.
I think I stumbled up. -look at that?
Like I said, who can smile after falling?
I think it shows-
I think it shows everyone that anyone can prove to someone that you can always stand high and that you can smile no matter what happens, because if you let this affect everything that follows, it\'s all negative.
Also, I am very confident in the judge\'s personal interview, because if you were a judge and you were part of Miss Universe\'s organization, you wouldn\'t say, well, the girl was educated.
She can represent the United States.
She was beautiful inside and outside but she stumbled across her dress so we wouldn\'t let her win.
We will let others win.
Bihar: There are a lot of these people. they are picky. FAKIH: Yes.
So I really think I represent the things that every girl is afraid of, these things are sliding, but being able to stand up and say to yourself, you know, it\'s not based on whether I won or lost, because I have a personal interview and a meeting with Mr.
Trump, boss, was able to show my true self.
Being able to stand up after that little mistake will be able to show them, you know, what I still represent is powerful.
Like America.
We are still strong no matter what happens, and I think that can be represented.
You see, how did I turn it into a note.
I\'m patriotic, don\'t I?
You turned this into a patriotic moment.
Yes, we can.
Bihar: I want to sing starBanners.
Here are some of the photos we showed of Miss Homer.
She is answering a question in support of Arizona immigration law. FAKIH: Yes.
BEHAR: The girl said, you know, she believes in the law, the law basically checks the Arizona documents to make sure they are legal in this country, but she doesn\'t believe in racial discrimination, so she gave them a balanced answer. FAKIH: Yes.
But she says, or some say, competition costs her.
Is that fair to you?
FAKIH: I don\'t think her final answer is the price of the game.
I think she\'s neutral in her answer, and that\'s right at this point, especially when you don\'t know much about what\'s going on in Arizona and what\'s going to happen ---
They did not ask you this question.
What are the controversial questions they ask you?
FAKIH: I was asked about birth control. -
I want to call it \"pill \".
If it should be covered with insurance, I even came across my answer a bit by chance, and I think I did.
Because I work in a medical context, I say it\'s a controlled substance, I mean it\'s as expensive as a controlled substance.
I think everyone is watching the beauty pageant from the opening number, the swimsuit, the last evening dress to the last question.
They didn\'t know we were on a preliminary show, we had a personal interview and met with Mr. Donald Trump.
But do you think they need to ask you these questions? FAKIH: Yes.
This is a beauty contest.
FAKIH: It\'s a beauty contest, but it\'s inside and--
And the knowledge behind it.
I mean, what would you think if you met Miss America and you asked her the names of the three judicial departments and she said what that was? BEHAR: Yes.
Faki: What would you think if you asked her, do you know what happened in New York? -
Yes, because you represent this country.
Yeah, I mean, you--
BEHAR: but it\'s really hard to check in terms of inner beauty.
Faki: Oh, of course.
That\'s what you said just now.
Yes, No. let\'s talk about it later. FAKIH: About --
About the beauty inside.
Yes, that\'s right.
FAKIH: about meeting a beautiful person, but after talking to them and realizing their personality;
Then they don\'t look as beautiful as they used to be.
I think you are charming anyway.
Faki: I think so.
I think you are charming, beautiful and mine.
Okay, Joey.
Thank you very much.
She eats whatever she wants.
Rima Faki congratulated you.
Faki: Thank you very much. BEHAR: Ok. Up next --
I love this crown. -
Ron Paul\'s son won the Republican Senate nomination in Kentucky, where Rand Paul will discuss what this means for the tea party. (
Business break)
Bihar: Tea Party candidate Rand Paul won the Republican Senate primary in Kentucky last night, whether it\'s because Dick Cheney supports his opponent or because of him.
We`re not sure. (
Start Video Editing)DR. RAND PAUL (R)
Kentucky Senate nominee: I have a message, a message from the Tea Party, a loud and clear message, a message that doesn\'t speak.
We\'re here to get our government back. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Paul defeated Terry Grayson, a Republican.
Now with me isRand Paul. Hi.
Congrats you won last night, doctor. Paul.
Paul: Thank you. Thank you.
It\'s a pleasure to be with you. BEHAR: Ok.
You said you wanted the government back.
Who do you want to get back from?
This is a good question.
I say from those special interest groups that seem to use the government, this is their own private ATM.
I was also annoyed by the politicians who came to my state with the oversized check with their name on it, as if they were giving their money, they named the park with their own name, name the road by your own name.
For God\'s sake, this is our money.
It\'s not their money, I think they spend a lot more money than they actually receive, it\'s a kind of injury and I think the deficit will end up with serious problems for the country.
So you don\'t ---
You\'re not talking about the Obama administration. Who are you --
I don\'t understand.
You\'re not talking about--that.
What I\'m saying is--
Yes, I\'m talking about over-inflated governments and deficits, but you know what I\'m telling people is that under Republican control our deficit has doubled, but now our deficit-
For me and the tea party, if you go and do these things, it\'s really a bipartisan criticism of the deficit.
We are very dissatisfied with the expenditure of both sides, not just the expenditure of this government.
So I saw it.
Yes, this is true.
So do you agree with the Tea Party or the Republican Party? Where are you?
Well, it\'s interesting--
Very interesting.
I took part in 1976 Republican convention, so I have been a Republican for all my life.
But I tell people, you know, Jefferson said, every generation has to defend freedom again.
I think that each generation must also redefine and define what their party means.
I mean, look, the Republicans got 90% of Africa in 1920-American vote.
So it happened.
People change or political parties change.
So every generation of us has to redefine what the party is, and that\'s the point of this tea party.
This is a struggle to define the meaning of the Republican Party. BEHAR: Right.
Rand, Are you troubled to see the racist image that we all see related to these tea party events?
Well, it\'s interesting, you know.
I have seen them in the national media, but I have not seen them at any of the rallies I attended.
I may have attended 50 or 60 tea sessions.
I interviewed their core circle and the committee.
I have not met any racist in sports.
I think when you-
Gathering 100,000 people, there will be some outliers, like anything else, and I think it seems that the media is more likely to be attracted by quirky behavior, instead of 99% people who believe in limited government or think the deficit is bad.
Let me quote Dick Cheney.
Paul: I seem to have convinced you.
Well, because I--
I think tea party people like you and good people in the tea party need to really get these people out and ban them from making any voices in the tea party as it is getting more and more important bad names
A lot of what you say is very attractive to all Americans, but people like me are alienated from seeing it.
PAUL: Yes, I think the reason is that the Tea Party opened in Mike\'s evening.
Everyone showed up and expressed their discontent, so some people were exaggerated and over-done, but I hope my victory will help me determine what the tea party will look like.
For me, its term limit, I think there is a general appeal for Democrats, Republicans, independents. BEHAR: Yes.
For me, it also balanced their budget.
I think, as a group of people, Congress is not trustworthy with a few exceptions, and they need to be forced to balance the budget according to law. BEHAR: Right.
So it\'s really about reform.
I think they should read these bills.
I think there should be a waiting period before they pass any bill.
I think they should apply by themselves when they pass the bill.
I think the Tea Party is unhappy with some sort of arrogance in Washington, and this arrogance says, you know, we\'re going to impose a social security tax on others, but we will build a better pension plan than others. BEHAR: Ok.
I am familiar with your father and your father\'s position.
I think a lot of what he said in the primary election makes a lot of sense for a lot of different people, but let me read what Dick Cheney said and he supports your opponent.
He said, \"we need to really understand the senators of radical Islam and al-Qaida who will work to strengthen our commitment to strong defense, and it\'s not just a political game.
He\'s suggesting you--
Because you may believe in the small government, you are not interested in the war he likes to start and will not be able to deal with the military problems facing the United States.
How do you react to this? PAUL: Well, --
Interestingly, he also said the deficit doesn\'t matter, so I\'m not sure if he\'s going to win a lot of votes in the Tea Party right now, so we do think the deficit is important.
I also think the top priority of the federal government is defense, but you have to define what that means.
You have to have a long debate about what is national security and when it is threatened.
When we go to war, I think the way we go to war is to declare war not Willie
When people argue and say that it means one thing or another, solve the problem with some kind of force.
We have not declared war since World War II.
I think we should officially declare war when you go to war.
This should be the most important vote for any member of Congress or senator.
If I had to vote, I would vote based on my three sons going to war or myself going to war.
Bihar: Thank you very much, Rand, and good luck in the upcoming elections.
Thanks, Joey.
Say hello to your father.
Next, Bret Michaels is on Oprah\'s show today.
We will discuss the amazing recovery of the rock star. (
Business break)
BEHAR: less than a month after cerebral hemorrhage, Bret Michaels went up from his bed to Oprah Winfrey\'s show.
Let\'s have a look. (
Start Video Editing)
Singer bret michaels: It quickly made things clear.
You immediately put the most important things into your life.
Talk show host Oprah Winfrey: Really.
People say this will happen,-
It really happened to me.
You immediately. -
This is your immediate family member, your child, your best friend, and you have not considered anything else at this point. (END VIDEO CLIP)
BEHAR: now with me is Lauren Sanchez, the weekend host for extra. Hi, Lauren.
Weekend host Lauren Sanchez: Hi Joey.
Bihar: You know, a lot of people are going through a close-
But Bret Michaels is pretty good.
So how good will he be?
Sanchez: You know, I don\'t think he\'s going to get better.
He competes with Holly Robinson Pett in The Apprentice.
They are neck and neck now.
And even Holly said, you know this kind of person. -Bret --
If you run out of gas, he\'s the first person you can call, and he\'ll be there even after two hours of sleep.
So I don\'t think he can be any better.
But you have to keep in mind that this is someone who comes out of real life --
Love America\'s sweetheart. BEHAR: Yes.
Sanchez: He\'s really a great guy.
BEHAR: He is.
Everyone seems to like him.
Oprah asked him about his notorious band.
So listen to his answer. (
Start Video Editing)
Winfrey: Now, we notice that you are still wearing a headscarf when we see you lying on a sick bed with all the wires, tubes and East West.
Michael: Yes--
Like Superman without a cloak
I don\'t want--
I said I wanted to go out and swing if I was going out.
If I had to go, I said put the boots on, some headscarves and cloaks. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Bihar: You know, I like the way he handles possible deaths.
He is very interesting about it.
This is probably the only way to deal with it, right? such a terrible thing.
In fact, he\'s a rock star, even near him.
Death experience.
You know, Joey, he\'s under 100% years old.
He\'s still having a hard time walking around and \"extra\" has learned that he even starts his recovery twice a week, which is a big deal.
You know, you were talking about \"celebrity apprentices \".
Do you think he will win?
Do you think Donald will choose him?
Sanchez: Well, his neck and--yes.
I mean
He was with Holly Robinson Pett, but Donald hinted it was such a great person and he really wanted to see it happen and he also said the ratings were never as good as they are now.
Oh, wow.
Sanchez: it has a lot to do with Brett Michael and what he\'s been through, but he\'s a very nice guy.
Do you know?
They even said he was going to play in the final on May 23, so I think it would be a good one. BEHAR: Yes.
He will probably win because of Donald. -
In addition to sympathy for Bret, Donald has a show to do, which will not allow him to imitate him better than Holly, rather than starting from scratch.
BEHAR: Well, he has a very interesting part of Oprah\'s interview. Listen. (
Start Video Editing)
I\'m a little scared, not kidding.
I know he\'s going to show like a neurosurgeon\'s brain is big, thick and normal and I\'m going to put this little walnut in it like oh God don\'t show him this little brain. (END VIDEO CLIP)
He\'s cute, you know. He`s self-
Self-deprecating, but he doesn\'t have a small brain, he does a good job of himself on \"celebrity apprentices,\" right?
He did it.
But I have to say that.
We all know men care about body shape.
It\'s good to know that some men care about the size of their brains.
Bihar: Lauren said very well.
Sanchez: I\'m glad to know that.
Glad to know. BEHAR: Ok.
Thank you so much for joining me tonight.
Next: good news for more celebrities.
John Travolta\'s wife is having a baby.
So, stay. (
Business break)
Good news for John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston.
They expect another child in November.
To discuss this and other topics with me is Carson creesley, the TV character and host of true beauty, Daisy forentes, the TV character and the unforgettable you: master spirituality and true beauty.
Jen Lancaster, author of the longest title in the history of anything, my laziness: A Realistic TV fan trying to discover a new black or manifesto culture, if not a stupid ass. \" OK.
This is one of the most tiring titles I have ever read.
Host Carson creesley: I don\'t want to read this book, there are too many books on the cover and I\'m exhausted. I`m done.
Yes, I know.
Well, now Travolta and his wife, Kelly, unfortunately they lost their son last year and it was a terrible blow.
I heard he was upset.
Who wouldn\'t it be?
BEHAR: but it\'s good news for them, isn\'t it?
Yes, I mean, they did.
They went through that terrible tragedy last year, and I think, you know, they\'re obviously very personal people, and they\'re pretty much out of the media, you know, throughout the process, lost their son. BEHAR: Yes.
KRESSLEY: You know, I think it\'s great to have a little bit of good news in their future.
I think Kelly is about 47.
I think he is 56 years old and is so kind to them.
Yes, yes.
I am very happy.
Daisy forentes, author of \"Unforgettable you\": Yes.
When the tragedy happens, I think everyone is really hurt for them, and I think something like this can really separate a couple.
Going through so much pain, it may really break you down, and it may be the best way to bring them together. BEHAR: Yes.
Fuentes: How great is she to be able to do this at 47.
So I think it\'s not only great for them, but I think a lot of women over 40 may say to themselves, well.
Behar: Honey, they started at the age of 70.
They can feed their milk standing.
FUENTES: Well, it\'s crazy.
Okay, now you know, Jen, they\'re a very private couple.
Do you think the paparazzi will let them go?
Jane Lancaster, author of my laziness: To be honest, I hope they can have a break.
There are some people here who are very secretive about their children, and then they make the story the headline I hope ---
I really want them to stay alone and they only get the publicity they want.
Back to your point.
There are many couples in their 40 s who do this.
I have a list of Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewives and Gina Davis in her 40 s.
Bahar: a child was born.
Is this the trend for women to have children in their 40 s?
The new age of 30 is 40.
Totally OK.
FUENTES: I think, especially today, women pay more attention to their careers and they wait longer for children.
You know, I think there is still pressure on society to get married and have children.
F Entes: this is what you should do when you are young.
But I think more women today than ever really embrace their independence and do what they need to do because medicine allows you --
Fuentes: do this laterBEHAR: Yes.
F Entes: women choose to do so.
Bihar: It\'s not easy.
F Entes: No, no.
Bihar: I mean, when you\'re 40, you only have a few eggs left.
I\'m gone.
Bihar: That\'s right.
I\'m gone.
You have never eaten.
KRESSLEY: Damn it.
Lancaster: there may be a scientific basis for getting her pregnant.
I\'m sure.
Lancaster: It\'s not my business, but I\'m happy for them and happy for them. BEHAR: Yes. OK. Moving on. KRESSLEY: OK.
Another story.
It is reported that Elin Woods took a night school course in Florida.
It was nice to see Elaine hit the textbook instead of the windshield.
Okay, what do you think she studied in college? Divorce what?
KRESSLEY: I think she might get a master\'s degree in divorce law and how to spend $100 million.
BEHAR: Yes, isn\'t she doing what the humiliated woman does? Go back to school.
You know a lot of women are in pain at first when they get divorced, they cry and then get a master\'s degree and go ahead: I think she\'s a genius to do that
What is her choice to pose for Playboy?
I think it\'s smart.
FUENTES: I think it\'s a great way to really nourish your mind, as you said, shame you, why not?
This is exactly what I said in the book, giving myself a power.
I mean, everyone will meet garbage.
She has nothing to do with what happened to her. BEHAR: No.
Fuentes: So get over it. Get past it. It happened.
How do you deal with it, how do you have to deal with it, move on and do something positive for yourself.
BEHAR: but I\'m not going to pose for Playboy, and it\'s going to be such an obvious move in my opinion.
She does not need money. She`s loaded.
Why is she doing this?
Trust her.
I mean, I think some women will choose and you screw up mentally --
Forentes: At this point-BEHAR: Yes.
Fuentes: You almost want to retaliate against the person who hurt you, or you want to be the most shameful person and disappear from the attention that really bothers you.
Lancaster: this is what I want her to do, and I want her to be associated with every frat boy on campus who has Tiger Woods posters in the dorm, I think she should retaliate so quietly, but I would like to see her do so.
Yes, or date his best friend.
Lancaster: Yes, it will be very good.
You know, she, I studied psychology.
Before she married the tiger.
So, you know, maybe she\'ll go back to that and be a psychiatrist and try to figure out why she\'s attracted to a man like Tiger Woods.
KRESSLEY: never learn animals.
There used to be too many tigers and cheetahs.
F Entes: I want to know where you are going with that one.
It\'s good for her, right?
Yes, reinvent yourself.
Okay, let\'s see another story.
There are at least two more reality shows about New Jersey.
\"Jersey fashion\" and \"JERSEYLICIOUS.
Are you smarter than Snoopy\'s hair?
\"What is this, you are Jersey, Daisy, right? FUENTES: Yes.
Bihar: So why do people like to talk about Jersey and watch it?
F Entes: I just think there are so many characters in Jersey.
This is a fact.
Very good personality which makes the TV great
I know.
Forentes: I want to see it though-
I mean, look, I\'m from Jersey, I can
Yes, yes. BEHAR: De-
I like the word.
F Entes: Maybe we should have a show on this.
Bihar: they highlighted the worst side of Jersey.
You know I\'m from Pennsylvania, and it\'s next to Jersey.
Amish people are not so exciting.
I mean, let\'s pack some hay.
It\'s more fun to look at Jersey, you know, Snoopy was played and licked-
It\'s abs. OK.
Lancaster: I think there\'s something very real about Jersey.
We are tired of watching reality TV shows, and every moment we learn from them.
If you watch Jersey coast like I do, big fans, they all sit on the coach and eat sausage and pepper sandwiches, and when Paula Dean laughs at the situation on the phone, he laughed.
I think this is a real and perfect moment.
And I loved it.
This reminds me of the university.
KRESSLEY: someone who needs to watch a movie, sign up for me.
So you\'re a fan of the show.
Lancaster: Definitely a huge fan of the show.
Don\'t you think it will make the Italians look silly?
You know, I\'m Italian.
I don\'t think there\'s anything stupid.
Okay, I thought it was stupid-
Lancaster: But you know, I don\'t think it\'s stupid to have them in my family tree.
FUENTES: I think it actually makes the whole human look stupid.
Yes, yes, that\'s it.
When I do \"weird eyes,\" they say, oh, you make gay look bad, too rigid.
I think the thing to remember in reality shows is that they don\'t represent Italians.
The entire American community.
This is for sure.
KRESSLEY: You know, they represent themselves and you\'re interested in keeping it in mind when you look at it.
They are just being themselves.
BEHAR: in this country, some people have never seen Italians, only the Italians on TV, what they call --
Yes. BEHAR: Them I-
So you have to say something. I always do.
Yes, that\'s why we need to send the cast of Jersey coast to Iowa immediately.
Your performance is wonderful. -
Yes, thank you.
Bihar: strange eyes is one of the better reality shows.
F Entes: reality blue chip TV.
Thank you, thank you.
Bihar: blue chips mean good.
Thank you, thank you.
But these shows are fun without a brain, right?
That\'s why people like them and watch shows like \"good wives\" that need to be focused, is that a problem with good shows like this?
Lancaster: Well, I think people are under too much pressure in their lives right now, the economy, everything is developing and they want something blind.
Because when you watch TV, not blue chips, you feel better about yourself.
My whole writing career started after I was fired
On September 11, I remember watching the Paris Hilton show. she talked to Nicole Ritchie, where she talked about Wal-Mart as a place to sell walls. I said I was a genius, I saw the movie and it felt great.
Bihar: There are rumors that they will have a Russian.
We are thinking about the American version of SHLOMO and deterioration at Brighton Beach.
Wow, sign up for me.
Okay, let\'s make the last story.
Lindsay Lohan denied she had a 36-year-old report. year-
Old and mature lesbian lover
From what point on, 36 means you are a puma.
That must have made me a swordsman.
KRESSLEY: What, what.
BEHAR: 36 is not a puma.
Whenever I hear Lindsay Lohan have a Puma girlfriend, I see an old man like Omaha, like a puma in a wild kingdom movie eating her prey, it\'s likeI can`t.
Fuentes: I don\'t think it would be a story if she saw a man.
Totally OK.
Fu Entes: this is a non-
The proportion of stories and people trying to make news from them is too high --BEHAR: Right.
Because it\'s gay.
But I think we\'re done.
It\'s not shocking, it\'s not surprising, it\'s really a non-story.
Lancaster: look, she needs someone to take care of her.
When Britney said, you know, I look good compared to her, we have a problem. BEHAR: Yes.
Another thing about her is that she is currently stuck in Cannes.
Is that what you said, Cannes or Cannes?
I can\'t think of it.
I never knew.
Bihar: I can\'t think of it-
Neither can I.
BEHAR: she should go home for a mandatory court hearing
She can\'t go home because someone stole her passport.
Who will use her passport except Nick Norte?
I mean, come on.
Who will use it?
She\'s famous, isn\'t she?
Yes, it makes you wonder if she can\'t find it.
Maybe on purpose because I think she will have a hearing tomorrow.
We should have a look at Ebay.
Probably there.
She will have a hearing tomorrow.
She should go to the French embassy to see if they can give her a new passport.
New passport.
We wish her good luck, don\'t we, Jen?
We wish her good luck.
We wish them good luck.
They are all great people, so thank you all.
KRESSLEY: Thank you.
Bihar: Carson, you\'ll be back with me in a little while.
Bihar: Next, the star of the Tudor dynasty dropped the \"n\" bomb and now he is recovering.
I want the latest one. (
Business break)
Bihar: A lot of people talk loudly when they\'re drunk, but not like Jonathan Reese --Meyer.
He made a racial nickname in the United Airlines lounge.
So now he\'s going back to rehab.
Michael Eric Dyson, professor and writer of sociology at Georgetown University, and media analyst and author of what are they thinking, Michael Eric Dyson talked about this?
\"Steve Adubato, guys, welcome to the show.
Let me ask you two.
He\'s going to rehab now.
Steve adubato, media analyst: Yes.
Is this a way he says I\'m addicted, you know, don\'t worry about me.
I used the word \"n\", you know, but I can\'t control myself.
Yes, I have to tell you to be happy before Michael jumps in --BEHAR: Yes.
ADUBATO: I\'m not sure what is the exact purpose of rehabilitation using the word \"n\", I--
Maybe a more customized rehabilitation center.
But the question is, is it anger management? Is it saying stupid, stupid, and offensive words?
You know I don\'t know what it is, but it seems to be the first person in a high visibility position to say, hey, look, I\'m not only going to do something about it, but also to do something about it.
I don\'t know how you do it unless you define what the problem is.
I don\'t know what the problem is.
That guy might be a madman racist. Who knows.
Yes, Michael. is that enough? Doesn`t he --
He made no public apology.
Shouldn\'t he do this first?
Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown: Yes, I think so, I agree with Steve absolute.
The problem is that unless there is a racial rehabilitation center that we have not heard of, join the local National Association of Colored People During male sessions to help some poor people of color.
Reality, yes, like you said. -
When you\'re drunk-
When you say these nicknames, I think Steve is right.
You have a deeper problem here.
Are you racially hostile or hostile? BEHAR: Yes.
Dyson: or an unconscious bias against others?
I think it\'s the first to say, look, it\'s a shame and I\'m trying to do something about it.
But let go too and have a little sympathy and sympathy for me, which is a bit ironic because you hurt others.
So I think the first step here is to say, hey, sorry, I didn\'t mean it.
Yes, I mean, I don\'t care how much plaster I will be put on.
I don\'t think I will ever say the word.
You know happiness.
So I don\'t think it\'s an excuse.
What\'s his name, Mel Gibson? ADUBATO: Yes.
Bihar: he\'s against it.
He said he was drunk too.
What about that? you\'re drunk.
It\'s somewhere.
ADUBATO: this is the case.
I had a hard time answering this question because when I was drunk my wife told me that I was acting like an idiot.
BEHAR: Right.
ADUBATO: what\'s normal for a lot of people, but that\'s the point. BEHAR: Yes.
ADUBATO: you can act like an idiot, a little offensive and say something inappropriate, but I don\'t know when you start to say terrible things about womenI hate women.
Where did this come from?
Black people are like this, you don\'t even use the word black or Italian.
I don\'t know where this came from, and I don\'t know what this real excuse is.
You\'re a biger in your heart, right?
ADUBATO: the real thing comes out when you are loaded.
John Mayer, who also used it in an interview.
He was not drunk.
Bihar: He said I was strong.
That\'s why black people love me.
I was asked the other day what it feels like to have a hood pass now, which, by the way, is a bit contradictory in terms, because if you really have a hood pass, you can call it the \"n\" pass.
Michael, does what he says have a different effect than calling someone \"n?
Dyson: No, I think it\'s ridiculous.
I think first of all, he says his penis is also white supremacist because it avoids black women and only turns to white women.
John, black people don\'t love you because you are strong and we love you because you are a singer.
ADUBATO: That\'s right.
Dyson: So we like singing. we don\'t like your bravery.
I think, here you try to get cool, I think, you know the false, the false, you know the false authenticity, the range hood and the transmission that the fauxthicity wants, etc, no, what we\'re asking for is music, yes, your manners are cool if you\'re upset, but it shows me the disturbing thing is that even if you\'re cool with the hood pass, right under you, you\'re no different from Jonathan Rice.
Meyers, because both of you have some paranoid reserves to dig out and need to be announced, we need to deal with it.
BEHAR: Right.
ADUBATO: but Michael let me jump in and say, it seems to me that I\'m with John Mayer, I\'m a fan of his music, and now I\'m really happy.
I like this guy\'s music, but what he said really reminds me of it.
He wanted to be a little too cool.
The other thing is this.
He is called a cross-border artist.
This is what I think of it. If Jay-
Z or some other really good performer who happened to be black and he said, look, this guy is an idiot and said something very offensive but I will give him a passBEHAR: Yes.
ADUBATO: I don\'t care what kind of passing, they perform with him, they do a good job and it won\'t go away, but a lot of people say, OK, give him a little pass.
My point is, I don\'t know if he has a chance to perform with an outstanding African.
The American actor, because I have to tell you that his thoughts are so ridiculous that I can\'t imagine.
Does anyone really have a pass? I mean --
ADUBATO: use the word \"n-
BEHAR: use \"n \"-
Absolutely not.
BEHAR: or useSemitic slurs.
These are two different things.
Bihar: for example, Chapman, the dog, has apologized.
Is that enough for Michael?
Dyson: for who, for who?
Dog Chapman, dog, dog, bounty hunter.
Dyson: Oh, yes.
Right, the Dog. yes.
He apologized loudly.
Yes, he used the word too.
Dyson: Oh, of course he does. that\'s my point.
The problem is, besides the apology, yes, first of all, I think it is necessary to apologize, I think people are very kind and they are all right.
But the problem is, let\'s dig, you know, the reason why you do this, the surface below it, I think in this culture, there is a great temptation to avoid real problems.
It is not these extraordinary characters that come out with the word \"n.
First of all, if John Mayer really has a hood pass, the first thing a cool white man knows I don\'t do is use the word \"n. BEHAR: Right.
Dyson: If you have a hood pass, that\'s the first thing you learn --
Bihar: That\'s right.
Dyson: Secondly, for Doug, Dog Chapman, the problem is, yes, you messed up, you admit you screwed up, but at the same time we are facing a bigger bias, not just the episode
Thank you very much. thank you.
We will be back in a minute. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Are you ready for a boy?
Unidentified male: I have a boy ready.
Give it up for Michael. Oh my god. Hot. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Bihar: Carson cresley is the Emmys TV star, celebrity stylist, writer, fashion designer and host of abc\'s true beauty, and in the next few minutes, I
Welcome back, Carson.
KRESSLEY: Thank you.
Bihar: OK, true beauty, love kids from Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks.
Bihar: how is that?
Not literally. BEHAR: Yes.
This will be a big play.
Basically, they\'re two Hollywood producers.
They all do a lot of TV shows, and this is one of their brain kids.
Basically, it has elements from Tyra\'s \"next top model,\" looking for beautiful people, and then we did a little bit of a little bit, and Ashton\'s contribution was, when we are actually judging whether they are real beauties, the contestants think they are only judging by what they look like.
We do this with hidden camera tricks.
Oh, the beauty inside.
Yes, the beauty inside.
They don\'t know what we do.
Does anyone care about the beauty inside?
Well, I know, Joey.
Bihar: I mean it. let\'s say it.
No one cares about the inner beauty on TV.
KRESSLEY: I think there are a lot of shows that say you are the most beautiful, you are the thinnest, it\'s 100 games and you won the game.
This show, I really think, you know, I think the true mission of Tyra is also to show people that, you know, the beauty within is really important, it\'s important, we will have a reality with some positive information.
BEHAR: So what happens if you have a beautiful family girl inside.
KRESSLEY: It\'s a trick for them to be beautiful outside, they pick five men, all the girls, they are very beautiful.
BEHAR: they are beautiful outside.
KRESSLEY: we want to see who is beautiful inside.
Our real winner is
BEHAR: So does that mean that other people who are beautiful outside have no inner beauty?
Some of them-it was hard.
Some people you will think, wow, she is so beautiful, after two episodes, you will think, wow, she looks like a bird that leaks oil inside.
BEHAR: I see.
Howard Stern\'s wife is a former model. -
Yes, Beth Stern.
Beihar: Beth stroski or something is in the air--
Beth stroski Stern is a colleague. judge with me.
Do you think Howard has an inner beauty?
You know what is really interesting and I have seen it several times on his show.
The people with you are totally different.
BEHAR: So he has inner beauty, but not necessarily in the air.
I think you got it.
It doesn\'t matter, you know.
What matters is what you show the world.
Well, I think--
Bihar: you need inner beauty when you are on radio or TV.
KRESSLEY: you don\'t need to look good at all when you\'re on the radio.
You can sit there, naked and ugly and perform yourself.
You are so cute.
You\'re playing a play.
I\'m not a real actor.
I prescribed satner\'s theory of entertainment.
Do anything.
If they offer you a job, promise.
Bihar: That\'s right.
KRESSLEY: I entered the entertainment industry with a strange track.
Whenever someone says hey, do you want to make a movie, do you want to play a guest star on this show?
I just said, yes, it sounds interesting.
Bihar: But have you read Newsweek? There are reports that heterosexual actors and gay actors cannot directly play heterosexual actors.
Are you gay or straight?
You know what I don\'t know.
I\'m confused about sex in this play.
It is called \"sleepy partner \".
\"I\'m playing your obsession with music.
Bihar: I know \"sleepy female companion\" on Broadway.
Yes, it\'s on Broadway.
I like the show.
I am the one sitting in the chair.
Bihar: that performance is amazing.
Thank you, thank you.
BEHAR: Thank you for joining me tonight.
This is my pleasure.
Carson premiered at 10: 00 on May 31. m. on ABC.
Good evening everyone.
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