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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-31
Modern people have strong personalities and are particularly willing to express themselves. Colors also reflect personalities. The relationship between people's personalities and colors cannot be ignored. Cheerful personality, enthusiastic and competitive, high-brightness colors or low-chroma colors in warm colors, highlight your straightforwardness and liveliness, low-brightness, low-chroma colors in black or cool colors, sometimes not suitable for your personality. Add a sense of serenity with blue or purple tones, and liven up the look with diagonal black and white stripes. On the premise of considering individuality, a woman's occupation must have a non-negligible influence on her dress. The main emphasis here is on the appropriate colors for white-collar women. Start with the neutral colors of the color spectrum, such as dark red, stone color, gray, sea blue, camel, etc. These colors are conservative, stable, and unassuming, and can also be matched with most colors to create a different flavor of you. . At the same time, plain colors are easier to coordinate with various patterns. For white-collar women, dark colors convey a sense of authority better than light colors, but when you need to win the trust of friends and infect others, medium colors make you more approachable and make others feel less intimidating. (Sneakers group purchase) Enthusiastic, low-chroma, low-brightness cool colors bring out your feelings, but high-chroma warm colors are somewhat contradictory. Casual personality, casual and enthusiastic, should wear high-chroma colors, low-brightness, low-chroma colors may not be able to express your indifferent personality. Gentle women should not wear high-brightness and high-chroma tones. The soft tones will leave bursts of warmth wherever you go. A rational and quiet lady, she likes solemn cool colors and whites, and does not emphasize warm tones. There are many people with multiple personalities in life, and some people consciously three-dimensionalize their personalities. Color and character may not be absolute, and self-selection with confidence is the real fashionable personality. Gorgeous and eye-catching colors are a taboo for white-collar workers, and they appear to be very unprofessional. Patterns that are difficult to match, complicated and too special are also not suitable. Relatively speaking, medium and small patterns are more suitable than bold stripes, large flowers or striking checkerboards. (From Lu Le's 'Clothing Wearing and Matching Skills') As a professional sportswear manufacturer suit customization manufacturer, Ingor has been engaged in the clothing customization industry for many years, customizing a large number of team sportswear for countless groups, relying on excellent quality and The high-quality service has won the favor of consumers and won unanimous praise. styles are evergreen styles and occupy an important position in the long history of clothing. Ingor 's sportswear manufacturer suits use high-quality raw materials and advanced clothing customization technology. If you need custom sportswear, please contact us. Bar: 86-15815657313 Related Recommendations: Outdoor Backpack
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