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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-09
What are the clothing group buying websites? [Clothing Group Buying Websites] In recent years, due to the upsurge of group buying, a large number of group buying websites have emerged, such as Meituan and Baidu Nuomi. However, what are the professional clothing group buying websites? The following editor will give you a complete collection of clothing group buying websites. Although it is not a complete collection in the true sense, because many small website editors do not know it, I believe that this list already contains most of the clothing websites. Aituan.com: It mainly provides group purchases of clothing, bags, underwear, etc. The website style is pink, and it mainly focuses on group purchases of women's casual clothing. Wowo Group Purchase: A comprehensive group purchase website that provides group purchase services for local food, leisure and entertainment, life services, hotel tourism and other products. It also has a clothing group purchase channel. Baidu Nuomi: It is also a comprehensive group buying website, providing food, ktv, movies, buffets, etc. It also has a clothing group buying channel. Because it is Baidu's own product, it ranks better on Baidu search and has more exposure. Tuan 800: It is also a comprehensive group buying website, including food, sports, movie tickets, catering, entertainment, leisure, hotels, etc. It also has a clothing group buying channel. There are many snack products on the home page, and it also has a convenient navigation system by region. Ingor Group Purchase: It is a website specializing in sportswear manufacturer group purchase. The company was established in 2009. In recent years, it has been involved in e-commerce. It has expanded offline products to online. It has a good strength guarantee and is the first choice for sportswear manufacturer group purchases. , including most of the sports clothing required for mountaineering, leisure, outdoor, water, professional competitions, etc., support group purchase service, after-sales guarantee, is the first choice for ordering team clothing and sports clothing! (Group purchase of badminton clothing)
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