Clothing custom designers should fully understand the knowledge of clothing fabrics

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-31
A good fashion designer not only has this professional knowledge, but also must have a good understanding of clothing fabrics. Only in this way can he easily control all kinds of clothing fabrics, because even if the same clothing is made of different fabrics, it will not come out. Style, feel and wearing comfort are all different. For the same enterprise, the fabric types of its clothing are also diverse. Designers should have an understanding of the fiber types, yarn twists, weaving structures, dyeing methods and fabric finishing techniques of clothing fabrics, because the fabric weight, surface texture, elasticity, abrasion resistance, color fastness, shrinkage rate Such indicators can affect the overall appearance and internal performance of clothing to varying degrees. In the production of such high-tech clothing, designers may also need to cooperate with special clothing fabric manufacturers to complete it together. In addition to providing highly targeted fabric products, the fabric experts of these manufacturers will also put forward suggestions on the unreasonable design from the perspective of practical application. , and these details may be precisely what the designers did not think of at the beginning, if necessary, they will even change the style and structure of the clothing. In addition, in some special industries, there are stricter requirements on the types of fabrics customized for team sportswear manufacturer. For example, the clothing fabrics of steel workers and electric welders need to be flame retardant, and electrical clothing needs to be anti-static, which requires In the process of fabric processing, glass fibers, metal fibers are directly added, or antistatic agents, flame retardants and other raw materials are added in the finishing process; while medical protective clothing should have the functions of water repellency, blood repellency and chemical resistance resistance, so it is often On the surface layer of pure cotton or polyester-cotton fabrics, a composite film with chemical properties is also applied. To test the level of a clothing designer, it depends not only on the design level, but also on the comprehensive level of knowledge of clothing fabrics. Therefore, if clothing design wants to rise to a higher level, it is only the beginning from understanding the fabrics.
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