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Clothing advanced customization process_Introduction to the process of clothing advanced customization

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-18
Before introducing the process of advanced customization of clothing, we must first have a general understanding of what is advanced customization of clothing. It first originated in Paris, the capital of fashion, and is the highest level of fashion. In the clothing industry, advanced customization is also a very The ancient production method, the whole process is hand-made by top craftsmen, all errors are calculated in millimeters, and it takes a very long time. Introduction to the process of advanced customization of clothing: long-cycle clothing needs to be hand-made by different professional workers, depending on the specific situation, including sewing, embroidery, etc., all processes are manually operated, and the production of formal finished products requires extremely exquisite manual work and long-term accumulation , The production time of a piece of advanced customization usually requires a total of 100-400 hours, while the production of long embroidered beaded dresses can often reach 1,000 hours. From start to finish, all errors in the couture production process are within a meter. The process of advanced customization of clothing is strict, and it is necessary to make fabric samples according to customer information; it is necessary to tailor-made with customers, choose the style of clothes, modify and communicate. If customers value the styles on the show at the Haute Couture Fashion Week, they can also modify the details according to customer preferences. and color. Then the cutter starts to make according to the information given by the customer. The advanced custom fitting process is quite complicated and requires multiple fittings. After 3 to 6 months, the first fitting is started and the custom clothing modification work is completed. This time, the tailor will make various modifications according to the customer's posture, such as the lightness of the fabric, the hem of the vest or the tailoring of the neckline. After this part is over, it is the first trial version (that is, the sample version made of formal fabrics). The second trial version must be separated by one month. Today's clothing advanced customization generally includes the following ten processes: 1. Find a suitable designer or tailor. 2. Fully communicate with the designer. 3. Share your ideas with the designer. 4. Tailored for you. 5. The designer will help you draw a picture. 6. Try the sample, that is, the sample clothes made of white cloth, the jargon is called“white batch”. 7. Select the fabric. 8. Try the specified fabric“semi-finished product”. 9. For white batches - semi-finished products - finished products, there must be more than three trial installations for advanced customization, and continuous modification and improvement. 10. Finally finished.
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