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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-09
[Class uniform t-shirt customization] Ingor specializes in clothing customization. With 18 years of professional industry background, it is a clothing customization company with independent design and development capabilities. It specializes in providing class uniform t-shirt customization. It is your most professional team image Designer, group clothing customization expert! (T-shirts are made to order) T-shirts for class uniforms are an important symbol that embodies the spirit of class collectivism and individuality. When you think that your class uniform must be before you speak or do anything, let others see at a glance what class or school you are from, and what the meaning of your own class in terms of patterns inside. At first glance, you can distinguish yourself from others, instead of being in the crowd and making people ignore you, then you can choose a custom T-shirt for class uniforms. Class uniform T-shirt customization process Customization process: select the T-shirt style on this site, and provide a clear enough pattern (you can also put forward design requirements to be designed and produced by Ingor designers)→ Both the designer and the client confirm the sample draft→Payment after artwork OK→Lightning shipment after we carefully crafted→ Finish! Does the pattern printed on the T-shirt have a lot of glue feeling, will it fall off after one wash? If it is washed once, it will fall off if it is operated by a novice who has just entered the industry, or if it is made of inferior materials. There is some glue feeling, the more expensive the material, the smaller the glue feeling. The customized patterns of the t-shirts for the sports meeting group purchase class uniforms can be designed and provided by the students themselves, or whatever patterns they like, showing the creation and personality of modern students. We can also make a unique pattern for the students. In short, it is to process the students' class life artistically, and make the color, composition, shape and other characteristics more acceptable to the students. We have customized class uniforms for many classes in most schools and have rich experience. If you want to customize class uniforms t-shirts, come to our Ingor sportswear company, we will provide you with detailed information. Including the style of the class uniform, the choice of pattern or design according to the requirements of the students!
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