Choose yoga clothing should pay attention to what aspects

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-04-21
With the improvement of people's living standard, now people pay more and more attention to the health of the body, such as yoga is now of choice for many women friends, such as leisure time at the weekend at home or go to some yoga classes, however, a lot of female friends when yoga clothing of choose and buy, tend to be sloppy, literally to choose a heel oneself of choose and buy on the market size, almost think fit is ok, in fact this is a wrong idea. Below small make up choose yoga gear method is a simple introduction for you. 1, in the choice of fabric; Yoga clothing as a close-fitting clothing, not only to consider when choosing whether to yoga clothing fabrics close skin, on the other hand is to consider the leaves when sports sweat, so when the choose and buy must yoga suits don't buy that kind of chemical fiber fabrics, because these chemicals are easily with the sweat pores open into the skin, affect the body health. And good quality for the general USES pure natural fiber as material, such as bamboo fibre and cotton, bamboo fiber was used as material of yoga clothing, not only the quality of a material soft and breathable, and moisture absorption power, have very strong antibacterial ability, is the most suitable for yoga clothing materials; 2, from the aspects of yoga clothing design; Yoga clothes is to do some more gentle movements, but in amplitude is bigger, therefore, when the choose and buy, must take into account these movements to the requirement of clothing, don't be too tight, the choose and buy some affecting action of the extension, the more scientific for the general use on the loose design, coat designed more joint points, so it is not easy to deformation, sleeve neckline is a little loose, with natural open advisable; Is given priority to with loose, casual pants and trousers, this is to ensure that when making any movement from bondage, particularly in practice some flexibility in the bigger of the two movements are more obvious; 3, from the aspects of color and season; Suggestions on color choose pure static quietly elegant color, to match the yoga the sport; As the change of seasonal temperatures, the choice of the coat is also different: when the weather is cool we should choose the long sleeve blouse, can choose five points when the weather is hot in sleeve blouse.
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