chloe khan goes casual in loungewear and slippers for night out with boyfriend ashley cain

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-26
Chloe Khan has apparently reached that comfortable stage in her relationship with Ashley Kane --
She spent the night in town with a DJ in leggings and slippers. The loved-
On Saturday night, a reality TV star couple spent the weekend in Newcastle, and Ashley held a DJ show at the male bar at the University of Newcastle student union bar. Busty ex-
Wearing Victoria\'s Secret Pink casual clothes and white notes, CBB star stacewent is looking for opportunities for an outingons—
Like she wore that night when she stood up in Essex. The 25-year-
The old shows her plump cleavage in a pink sports bra under a matching zipper
A gray leggings with a jumper.
Meanwhile, 26-year-old Ashley is wearing camouflage clothes on the beach.
Printed on a yellow hoodie with slow pants and matching vests, he later took off the vest to reveal a gray sleeveless T-shirt.
Chloe and Ashley arerumed got engaged after they were found shopping earlier this month.
Since they started dating last month, the couple have been enjoying a whirlwind of romance, presenting a series of wet displays for photographers who enjoy each other\'s company.
Chloe recently talked about their relationship on social media, and wrote on Twitter: \"We wear sportswear with mcflurrys, or on off-road car missions, or
\"People have a lot to say about us, but I can\'t explain to you our level.
\"X Factor refused to have a good time with Ashley\'s Ex On The Beach before
Star Stephen Bear, when they are together in Celebrity Big Brother.
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