[Chinese Love Sportswear Set] Suitable for team sports games and uniform work clothes for employees

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-10
The pattern elements of the Chinese Love series are based on Chinese watches,“middle”Characters, dragons, calligraphy, Temple of Heaven and other elements are combined into one design, the whole is a“middle”The Chinese character is also a Chinese watch. The Chinese character is skillfully combined with the Chinese watch, and the shape of a dragon hovers in it. Huabiao is the culture of the nation, calligraphy is the culture of the famous and custom, and the dragon is the culture of the folk, that is, the nation, the folk custom, and the folk are integrated. It reflects China's long cultural history. 39901#Male 39902#Female Style Features: 1. Environmental protection standards for international competitions! 2. Super quick-drying, perspiration and breathable; international advanced environmentally friendly dyes, beautiful colors, never fade! 3. Unique original design, Chinese love. 4. Suitable for large-scale competitions, appearance clothing, award-winning clothing, chorus, team sportswear manufacturer, the overall effect is super good! 39909#Male 39910#Female Style features: 1.“Chinese love”As the theme element, the nation has a long history and culture, showing the pride of the Chinese people. 2. Ecological green natural cotton fiber satin colored yarn, harmonious coexistence with nature, returning to nature. Breathable textiles. 3. This item is suitable for large group activities and leisure travel.
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