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charges dropped against iowa teen who sent selfies to boy

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-17
Des moines, Iowa-
A county attorney in Iowa has threatened to sue a 14-year-
The old girl who sexually exploited minors, after she sent her own suggestive photos to a boy at school, she agreed to sue the girl\'s family for violating her constitutional protection of equal speech.
The girl\'s parents tried to keep their names secret to protect her identity, and they issued a statement through the American Civil Liberties Union in Iowa, which represented the family in the lawsuit, said Marion County prosecutor Ed Bull abused his authority to bully their daughter and imposed \"his own ethical standards of gender discrimination\" on her.
\"We tried to work with him, but he refused to give in and insisted that our daughter admit the crime she had not committed,\" they said . \".
\"It is frightening to see the government intervene in this dangerous excessive expansion and assume the role of the parent.
\"Bull told the girl that in order to avoid prosecution and possible imprisonment, she must sign the confession; enrol in a pre-
Pilot diversion programmes involving community services;
Attend classes designed to teach teens not to participate in \"porn text messages\" and are unable to use her mobile phone or laptop for a period of time.
On November, the family filed a lawsuit in the Des Moines federal court, asking a judge to prevent Bull from filing criminal charges against her.
Rita Betis of ACLU, Iowa\'s legal director, said her organization questioned Boolean\'s actions on the grounds of constitutional free speech and equal protection, and tried to have the court confirm the basic right of parents to raise their children without improper intervention by the state.
\"As a policy, it is confusing that county prosecutors have threatened to put a child in jail or prison, or put her in the sexual assault register because of taking pictures of herself, Betis said.
Lawyers representing girls and Bulls filed an agreement Thursday to dismiss the case.
ACLU said the county agreed to pay $40,000 in legal fees.
The bull did not repent.
\"My job as a county attorney is to do justice.
\"Nothing can or will change that,\" he said . \".
\"I will put ACLU\'s dismissal file in my profile and go back to serve my community right away.
\"In the spring of 2016, the girl sent two photos to the boy via the SMS app Snapchat.
No nudity on the photo.
One of them is wearing a sports bra and shorts, and the other is wearing shorts with hair covering the chest.
The boy apparently shared them with other students who were found in a porn survey at Knoxville High School, which had about 600 students, about 40 miles (65 kilometres)
Southeast Des Moines.
The Bull says the child he wants to participate in \"has no life and can have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes --
The consequences of the change, including the possibility of being labeled as a sex offender.
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