[Change] In 17 years, Guangzhou underwear factory chose to start from learning

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-26
In the past two years, the underwear manufacturers who have been doing business have felt as if the severe winter is coming, orders have declined, and passenger flow has decreased. The performance of Guangzhou Ingorsports Underwear Factory has also declined in the past two years, but Mr. Wang of Ingorsports Underwear Factory did not choose to close down like some companies.

2017, the spring breeze is steep, the light rain is very slight, and it is quite cold. Of course, no matter how severe the cold, the enthusiasm for learning from ingorsports people in Guangzhou underwear factory can't be stopped. Manager Liu, who is in charge of the operation of the Ali International Station of the underwear factory, started to go to today's special training location for foreign trade through trains in the early morning after seven o'clock.

Arrived at the designated place, it was after 8 o'clock. Dozens of people who love learning and want to seek change have gathered together to wait for the teacher's sharing.

ingorsports underwear factory has been producing seamless underwear mainly for export. It attracts customers with its stores in Guangzhou International Trade City. With the rise of the Internet boom, the Alibaba International Station came into being, so the Alibaba International Station was opened as early as 2016, but in the past two years, the effect is not very satisfactory.

How to operate Ali International Station well, the teacher also analyzed the theory and practice from various aspects. Like our ingorsports underwear factory, seamless underwear is produced according to Japanese quality requirements, both in terms of material selection, style and other aspects are good. Since now is the Internet age, customers have the habit of touching the Internet, so how do customers find our ingorsports underwear factory?

In fact, all enterprises, including underwear factories, if they want to be effective online, they should first analyze their customers. Where the customers are, we must appear. So the underwear factory wants to do a good job in network marketing, nothing more than exposure, traffic, inquiries, effective inquiries, transaction volume, etc.

Combining the actual situation of our underwear factory, our ingorsports is a production-oriented enterprise, with its own physical factory and Ru0026D capabilities, so how to let customers find us, first analyze customers, and seek ways from customers' needs and habits, For example, when selecting keywords, different regions may have different names for seamless underwear. When promoting, we should first start from the search habits of customers’ names and combine more attractive titles.

Combining more attractive titles, and then having a good ranking, only with a good ranking can customers find us as quickly as possible, that is, a paid through train. Therefore, the teacher also focuses on teaching everyone to re-understand the through train from the application and operation skills of the through train, and also learn to apply the through train, which is also called preconceived.

Through a day's study, we also clearly realized the current situation of our underwear factory's network marketing. To borrow a teacher's sentence, we must act fast when we do network today! quick! quick! ! Don't just think about how to save money, learn to spend money is king.

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