Celebrity Gym Style Decoded: Exercise Clothes You\'ll Actually Want to Work Out in

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-05
In a stylish world, the gym style is like a frozen waffle for breakfast food.
It\'s easy to do the work, but it can always be done with more flavor.
Of course, your standard black captain and dad\'s college T-shirt have helped you through a mile or another rep, but double your efforts if you want to improve your fitness style, look at our favorite celebrity gym mouse for inspiration.
Lina Denham is loud and proud in bold colors and busy print.
Female stars take selfies in the gym and mix colorsand it works.
The trick is to use complementary shades.
Choose the purple top and maybe keep these workout pants in the blue family.
When mixing the print, make sure that there is a consistent color in each pattern of your movement.
Human Engineering combat bra, $66;
Stella McCartney Adidas 7/8 skinny stretch leggings, $80;
Reebok Crossfit nanosage, $39. 97;
Case for zero gravity Indio iPhone 6, Khloe Kardashian, who sells for $12, also likes her black fitness captain.
But the reality TV star showed the right fashion form with her powerful accessories.
Choose a cropped sweater or print in bold color to break the monochrome look.
Add a fun backpack, matching sneakers and awesome braids to the gym and it looks like it\'s worth tracking by paparazzi.
Adidas flagship Climalite fitness suit tights, $40;
Thornton bregazi\'s ForgetMe-
$830 without a hoodie;
A Flyknit iD from Nike Roshe, $160;
Baggu backpack, natural cloud, $38;
Jessica Alba is a practical gym for $69goer.
She will wear a warm jacket if she is cold
More interesting than your usual wind. breaking fare.
The trick is to mix the prints with textures like her quilting jacket.
Don\'t forget to cover up anonymous effects with some oversized sunscreen . . . . . . Or if you\'re too lazy to see in the post
Gym beauty.
Ladies and gentlemen®Hot™$96 windshield99;
Adidas, Stella McCartney Studio print leggings, costs $134;
Armored victory tank top, $19. 99;
The new balance is $55. 98;
Ksubi instant sunglasses, $200
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