Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China | Celebrate the birthday and salute the motherland! -Ingor Sportswear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-19
Tomorrow is the 70th birthday of the motherland. After in-depth research, Ingor Sportswear has determined that the main work of this week is: I have no intention to work and study at all, I just want to celebrate the motherland's birthday as soon as possible! Haha, are you guys the same as Ingor Sportswear? Heartbroken old man! However, the work still has to be done seriously, so that we can play unscrupulously during the National Day holiday. During the National Day, in addition to sightseeing in the mountains and waters, I believe that there is another program that makes everyone the most excited and looking forward to that is the military parade in Tiananmen Square on October 1. This military parade is carried out in two steps: the military parade and the split. The military parade lasts about 80 minutes. The parade troops lined up on Chang'an Avenue to receive the inspection by President Xi Jinping. Separately, pass through Tiananmen Square in the order of the air flag guarding echelon, the foot team, the equipment team, and the air echelon. This military parade has 59 square (echelon) teams and a combined military band with a total scale of about 15,000 people There are 15 squadrons, including squadrons, squads of various military services, squads of female soldiers, squadrons of scientific research institutes, civilian squads, squadrons of reserve troops, militia squads, squads of peacekeeping troops, etc. I really look forward to seeing the most shocking military force of the motherland on display. The excitement cannot be expressed in words! It is also exciting that on September 29th, the Chinese women's volleyball team ushered in the last opponent of the Argentine women's volleyball team in the Women's Volleyball World Cup. In the end, they defeated their opponents 3-0 and defended the World Cup champion with a proud record of 11 wins and 0 losses. It is the People's Republic of China. The best gift for the 70th anniversary! On the occasion of the National Day, the city of Guangzhou celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with a light show that exploded the circle of friends. 600,000 bright red lights dyed the night sky in Guangzhou. On both sides of the Pearl River, more than 30 buildings displayed huge national flags through lights. The national flag, national emblem, 70th anniversary logo and blessings to the motherland can be seen everywhere. From a distance, the whole city is like a red ocean. This is Guangzhou's most affectionate confession to the motherland! Ingor Sportswear is no exception. The company has planted the national flag inside and outside to celebrate the motherland's birthday and wish our motherland more and more prosperity! After arduous struggle, New China has developed into today's prosperity and prosperity! The country is still so Ingor Sportswear, as a national enterprise, how dare to slack off! After 22 years of accumulation and unremitting efforts, Ingor Sportswear has a high reputation in the industry. Its brand style and development potential have been widely recognized by customers! Ingor Sportswear's consistent original intention and ingenuity run through every moment of the 22-year struggle. We will welcome the new era with the motherland as a struggler! At the same time, we pay tribute to the hard-working builders by celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China!
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