can lidl\'s budget fitness wear range with £15 trainers and £2.99 vests really compete with big name brands? femail puts the workout gear through its paces (with surprising results)

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-02
Thanks to stars like Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington.
Whitley, the trip to the gym is like walking on the T-stage.
Social media is filled with fitness blogs that show off their bright new Nike Frees and expensive lulululemon leggings.
So, can the new fitness series of German supermarket Lidl start at 2?
99, compete with larger brands and provide something for fitness enthusiasts on a budget?
FEMAIL\'s Bianca London presents this new product in yoga classes and running near Hyde Park.
That\'s what she is. . .
I\'m not very picky about big brands. I noticed that on the street --
H & M in particular
I \'ve been offering some great sportswear lately, so I \'d love to try this cheap one because of the wide range of potato chips Lidl.
I\'m not a fitness fanatic, so you won\'t find me splurging £ 80 on my vest and £ 200 on sneakers, but I\'m still looking for quality and excellent design when choosing a kit.
My usual fitness uniform includes a loose T-shirt or a long Leica vest with cropped Leica leggings.
As for the sneakers, I have a pair of trusted Stella McCartney for Nike Frees and Adidas sports bra
In terms of kit, I think the two most important things.
Many of the new products in the series are made from Leica, including moisture, Lidl claims
The core suction TopCool performance fiber, which clearly ensures the best comfort, moisture control and perfect fit.
A good health is a priority for me and I found 4.
99 leggings are super comfortable, but they are not the most flattering in the design --
Their seams were placed strangely and barely achieved a level effect.
The vest was a little uncomfortable.
Fits and doesn\'t suck me like my own Adidas Stella does \".
The material is also pretty fragile-
The same is true of sports bras. The £1.
99 socks are more successful, very comfortable, well made, bold and colorful in design.
I would love to put 14.
99 coaches walked through them, so I ran around Hyde Park --
On the tarmac and grass.
Discover that they are comfortable and reasonably supported.
Small details-
Like I think too long shoelaces and tongue
Let them down.
It is worth noting that they are very beautiful, similar in design to Nike, and obviously there is no signature tick.
Think about the bright laces on the sole and the flash of eye-catching colors.
The attention to the design details was impressive.
Animal or Milky Way patterns are printed on the top, which is important for the image
Conscious fitness enthusiasts are not much different from big brands.
They were shocked when I told my friends that my entire costume was actually from Lidl. The verdict?
I won\'t wear my head. to-
I will definitely mix and match something in order to exercise --
Socks and sneakers included
My own gear.
Lidl\'s new fitness range, belonging to the Crivit brand, landed at the store on July 30, including men\'s and women\'s sneakers, trousers and tops starting at £ 2.
99, as well as accessories including backpacks, water holders, running insoles and heart rate monitors, as well as a range of vitamins, supplements and protein products.
London\'s new summer health schedule, the Como metropolis, holds free yoga classes at Hyde Park every Saturday at ten o\'clock A. M.
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