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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-28
Can buying branded sportswear online be fake? In fact, this question is not easy to answer, because there are too many sellers on the Internet, there are all kinds of quality, there are genuine goods, and they are also full of counterfeit and inferior goods, which requires us to have a pair of eyes. (Sports Games Apparel) How to judge the authenticity of brand sportswear online For a piece of Nike sportswear manufacturer, if it sells for 800 yuan in a physical store, you see the same style on the Internet for only 80 yuan, do you think it is true? It's not so obvious. Secondly, when judging the authenticity of online brand sportswear, it also depends on whether the qualifications of the seller are complete. If it is selling brand sportswear, check whether there is an agent license, etc., whether there are consumer protection clauses, etc., these are all is what we're looking at. Finally, let’s talk about the handling and complaint methods of buying fake brand sportswear. When we buy fake sportswear, we can first contact the seller to ask whether we can return or exchange the product. If it is possible, then return it; if not, then It depends on what platform you bought it from. If it is on, you can ask Taobao Xiaoer to intervene in the investigation, which can usually be solved. Related Recommendations: Gymnastics
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