can a new smart bra really detect cancer?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-16
A sensor-
According to enthusiastic news reports, women wearing a half-day mosaic sports bra can make breast cancer screening easier and more effective.
However, the prototype device relies on measuring the temperature of the breast tissue, which is similar to screening methods that have proved ineffective in the past.
First warning systemRenault hotel in Nev.
The \"smart bra\" manufacturer says it uses 16 temperature sensors to detect \"depth\"
Changes in tissue temperature \"stem from the growth of new blood vessels associated with cancer cells within 12 hours.
This technology is expected to provide a more accurate non-invasive screening earlier than a breast X-ray.
Radiation representing the current standard for breast cancer testing. Mammogram X-
Experts agree that light has its own problems and represents an imperfect solution for breast cancer screening.
But the first warning system, using temperature measurements, looks similar in many ways to the \"thermal image\" device that has failed to beat the breast X-ray in the past.
\"Although this is an interesting concept and an interesting area of research, the clinical data published so far do not indicate [temperature-measuring]
The equipment currently available is accurate enough to be used for clinical purposes, \"said Ted Gansler, editor of the American Cancer Society\'s Journal of CA: clinician cancer.
The first warning system explained to TechNewsDaily that its breast cancer screening method is different from the thermal imaging method because the thermal imaging method relies on creating a temperature \"map\" or snapshot in a flash.
In contrast, the technology of the first warning system can track and analyze the temperature changes of the female breast surface for half a day.
Looking for a breakthroughThe company\'s technical work to track temperature changes to find patterns with 24-
The hourly physiological cycle of human cells.
Some studies have shown that cancer can disrupt the temperature pattern of the circadian rhythm by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels that release additional heat.
The first warning system says it has created specialized computer software that can \"remember and identify\" patterns of known cancer cases.
This allows the software to provide human doctors with the probability that cancer exists according to previous patterns.
\"The computer still has an advantage in the end, because it has a perfect memory, and additional data can be integrated into the analysis of age, family history, age at birth, etc. FWS explained: \"The radiologist can\'t do that. \".
The first warning system method requires women to wear smart bras for only 12 hours at home or at work, not within 24 hours
Because the software can simulate the day and night cycles of the past 12 hours.
This process is more convenient, avoiding the discomfort of a doctor\'s office for a few seconds in a breast X-ray when a woman\'s breasts are squeezed between two platesray process. [
Information Chart: medical progress after 9/11
The smart bra system also promises to overcome other limitations of breast X-ray examination through its alleged ability to screen dense breast tissue
It is usually found in women under the age of 40.
The first warning system screening method beat the breast X-ray head and included it in three clinical trials in testIn involving 650 womento-
According to the company, the accuracy rate is 90% and the false reading is less than 10%.
The promotional video shows that the company\'s approach can also detect signs of cancer within three or four years after the first genetic mutation;
Breast X-rays can detect tumors within about 10 years of the first mutation.
This approach even provides the possibility to monitor the health of breast cancer patients cheaply and effectively during radiation or chemotherapy treatment.
Such results sound promising if they can be verified.
The first warning system has not yet released complete clinical trial results.
The company said it plans to provide all of its clinical trial studies and results to the public after completing its fourth and final clinical trial next year and settling the trial results with the United StatesS.
Food and Drug Administration
Gansler, editor of cancer magazine, stressed that caution is needed before all these facts are made public or published in their peers
Review of medical journals
\"If the new method has more false Yin than the current method, then patients will miss the chance to discover local cancer during the healing phase,\" Gansler told TechNewsDaily . \".
\"If the new method has more false positives than the current method, then the patient will receive a more necessary biopsy.
\"In the competition to develop a more effective breast cancer testing device, there is a high risk: breast cancer will be diagnosed in the United States within 8 monthsS. women.
According to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 226,870 women will be found to have breast cancer this year and 39,510 women will die from it.
The first warning system announced by the jury on September has already started raising $5 million.
This funding will help pay for the \"clinic\"
\"Conduct preliminary testing of the device outside the clinical setting, complete the final clinical trial by 2013, comply with EU regulations, and obtain FDA approval to sell the device in the United StatesS. market.
The company aims to be listed in the United States in early 2014. S.
Market launch, if its clinical trial results meet the official review, may eventually change the criteria for breast cancer screening --
This may herald the integration of a new, convenient, wearable medical device into the garment.
However, this commitment cannot be measured until clinical trial data are made public.
\"Most surveys (
Still in the test)
\"Drugs and medical devices, even those based on sound scientific and technical principles, will not end up being incorporated into clinical practice,\" said Gansler . \".
\"The main reason is that once these new products are strictly tested in clinical trials, the results of the study are that they are less effective than the current practice.
\"At the moment, every major medical and public health organization recommends traditional mammograms to women.
These organizations include the American Cancer Association and the American Cancer Association. S.
The task force on prevention services, the American radiologist, and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
No one recommended hot images.
The FDA even went out of its way to warn the United States in a 2011 press release. S.
Screening for breast cancer in women cannot rely solely on a thermographic examination.
\"At this time, based on the evidence currently available, I think the vast majority of doctors would agree to choose any woman based on a temperature measure rather than a breast X-ray screening test, there will be a serious mistake that could have fatal consequences, \"said Gansler.
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