calgary burlesque dancers find booze, boobs don’t mix

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-23
Nothing in the past.
Too funny.
In order to meet Alberta\'s regulations, comedian Raven Virginia threw away the breast hood and instead wore a meshthrough bra.
Virginia and her colleagues say Alberta\'s demand for adult entertainers is the most demanding in the country and is putting on a show
Protest Saturday night in an attempt to change the province\'s liquor laws.
\"The straps on the shoulders will not evoke the same image as Patsy,\" Virginia said on Thursday . \".
\"80 years ago, passports were invented to avoid legislation that would be bare, but in Alberta we are back in the 19 th century.
\"Last fall, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Board, which controls alcohol companies in the province, began cracking down on antics, especially in Calgary.
For performers like Virginia, the Calgary artist\'s art name, the heavy hand forced her to change her behavior as one of the dancers in the Garter Girls Burley combo
Q: If the dancers are wearing pasties, the distance between them is only one metre.
This means that there is no match or interaction with the audience.
Dancers can wear bras and straps and dance with skirting or cantina.
\"This is a very conservative form of entertainment,\" Virginia said . \".
\"For the breasts, it is gender-discriminatory to say that there is not enough coverage for Patti.
Men do not need to cover up, so what is the number of breast tissue?
Alberta defines it as nude.
\"Virginia, who performed in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, said regulators were not as strict with comedians and booking their venues as Calgary.
Recently, a venue was fined $10,000 after booking a funny show that was considered too vivid.
Betty Jiahao, another performer and founder of the Alberta burlesque Alliance, said Calgary is trying to stop burlesque, which has been in modern form for the past decade
\"We have very limited performances now.
There are skittles all over Canada, but for some reason Alberta, especially Calgary, wants us to close the door . \"
A protest performance was held on the residential district stage and on-screen this weekend with multiple antics to get support for a letter
Writing and social media activities allow the committee to relax its policy on performance.
Christine Wronko, spokesman for Alberta\'s gaming and alcohol board, said it would not happen.
Last fall, the committee received news that a Calgary restaurant and venue serving minors was holding antics.
Wronko said that the Commission has a naked entertainment policy, and places that want to hold naked entertainment programs must be in places where minors cannot attend.
\"Minors can\'t go in with their family, it\'s 8 now, suddenly, the lights are dark, a show starts, you have women coming out and they\'re wearing exposed clothes.
\"This is definitely not followed within the guidelines,\" she said . \".
To the best of her knowledge, Wronko said the commission did not receive any calls from antics or the army to see their naked entertainment policy clarified.
\"This is not a crackdown at all.
This is our cooperation with the licensee.
\"We work with the licensee and we don\'t work with entertainment workers,\" she said . \".
AGLC visited the Paradise Club, which booked the burlesque show twice a month, during which the fire chief and police, as well as assistant manager Courtney White, said the staff were seen as running the \"illegal strip club \".
White says the Skittles dancers at the Paradise Club are artists who do political comedy and satire, and their performances are very skilled works.
One performer does the whole strip while spinning the hula hoop, and the other performer sings while she dances.
\"I grew up in a very Christian family and my father was a devout Christian,\" White said . \".
\"I\'m not going to take my father to the strip, but I\'m going to take him to the show.
It is beautiful and art.
Jackie Cooper, another performer named master Sarah Moanies, said she hopes Saturday\'s protest show will educate the public and should change AGLC\'s classification of Naked Entertainment for antics.
While allowing violent wrestling matches such as extreme fighting, Cooper said it was out of date to limit antics to naked entertainment levels. Cooper performs throughout Canada and Australia.
Cooper hosted the first Calgary Burlesque Festival in 2010, but with the threat of fines, he wondered if there would be a burlesque festival this year.
\"We are not a conservative place if you look at everything else, but in this regard, the province has taken a very direct and narrow approach to what we have done, Cooper said.
\"There is always a place for wine, no chest.
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