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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-10
Christmas decorations appear in the store, and soon perfume sales will soar.
But where will you buy perfume?
One of my friends was fascinated by Chanel\'s Coco.
But Chanel is Chanel, whether you buy it in Smith or Courtney or online.
Only the price is different from the fuss of the sales assistant.
I did a quick search online this week to compare prices.
A bottle of 100 ml cocoa perfume starts at $164 at a fish pond, including postage. co.
Strawberry net in New Zealand and Hong Kong. co. nz/beautynet. co.
New Zealand followed suit.
There are many sellers online, with names such as perfume and cosmetics. co.
Pharmacydirect, New Zealand. co. Ozcosmonics, New Zealand. co. nz, Smells. co. nz.
I prefer to buy from a retail brand I know --
Whether they are online or on the street.
My friend used to shop through StrawberryNET a lot, but has returned to the hands of farmers to get a discount with the club card of the store and support New Zealand retail.
When you buy through an unknown website, there is always a risk of buying fake goods.
That\'s one of the reasons I never buy perfume at the weekend market, pop music
Or from trading my private seller.
It\'s easy to buy a lot of fakes from China through the Internet and throw them away --
Although this is against my trading rules.
If the most important thing for you is the reserve price, go around.
There are other cheap shops besides the website, and sometimes the price is also very good.
The perfume in the warehouse is cheaper than the high-end counter.
Sometimes you can buy bargains at Postie Plus.
After having long suspected that the importer\'s clearance sales at the North Harbor Stadium and ASB Showgrounds did not look reliable, I ate a humble pie this week.
I did some research and found that the company behind these sales is all the big bucket transactions in the warehouse.
I will check out these sales next time.
The perfume space in the warehouse has been very busy.
In addition to selling parallel imported perfumes through big barrels, in-store and online red alerts --
Recently, it started ilovebeauty, just trading. co. nz.
This week, the site sold £ 75 ml to Yves Saint Laurent Paris light perfume for $95.
99 including free postageover $75).
This price has just surpassed other local online suppliers.
Finally, another way to save money includes giving up snobbish and buying cheaper brands like Avon or body stores.
Sometimes they taste
More expensive brands.
Calvin Klein Four
Postie Plus offers $49 piece Gift Set for women or men.
Lady beyoncat world travel limited edition perfume, warehouse $35. Before October 28, your Farmers\' Club points tripled at the Farmers\' Club.
• Perfume special number for all celebrities every month until October 22 • $59 for Calvin Klein eternal 100 ml 70 for Burberry Brit EDP or $100 ml for EDP GrabOne. co.
New Zealand today and tomorrow.
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