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britney spears shows off her abs, dance moves

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-04
Baby again!
While she has been performing on the Las Vegas stage, Britney Spears has spent some time breaking an action for herself (
And her 13 million Instagram fans)on Sunday.
\"I haven\'t been relaxed for a while,\" Spears made the title on a video clip of his own dance.
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Sports bra with pink shorts on it, as long as she spins in the room and even sits on the floor, keeps her long hair.
The mother of the two abs looked crazy in the exposed ensemble, and she proved that she still got it with her deadly dance movements.
Spears has been embracing her love of dance recently and teaching the children some of her skills.
\"Teaching these little guys to dance brings so much joy to me,\" she wrote in a video . \".
\"It\'s so refreshing to be with the kids.
Let\'s continue to learn and remind you of the unknown again.
\"WATCH: Britney Spears gave her sons an epic Pokemon joint birthday party: look at the photos!
Spears also uploaded a few photos of himself jumping in the air and wrote, \"it\'s a bit boring today and wanted to see if I can still jump.
It\'s not perfect, but it\'s not too shabby.
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