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Breast pain in women who exercise

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-01
Women are known to complain about breast pain while exercising. finds out more.
Scientists from the University of Portsmouth Breast Health Research team contacted women at the London Marathon and asked them to fill out an anonymous questionnaire on their sports habits and breast health.
Breast pain is a common experience for women of all ages and sizes, athletes and non-womenathletes alike.
Dr G. N. Mansukhani, an obstetrics and gynecology consultant, said this was mainly found before the onset of menstruation in women.
\"Usually, when a woman\'s menstruation is close, hormone levels change and fluid retention occurs in the body and breast.
This causes tenderness in the breast to intensify with exercise, \"she said.
Among a few women, the reason may also be due to chronic inflammation, which is easily treated by simple drugs such as a course of vitamin E prescribed by doctors.
\"The key to reducing the pain is to be sure to wear the right sports bra while exercising, and to wear a good support bra at other times,\" explains Mansukhani . \".
\"Many women don\'t wear well --
Try on bras every day.
Especially for those with larger breasts, bad bras can cause loose breasts and feel heavy.
If the straps are loose and the back of the bra rides up, your breasts don\'t get the support they need and you feel heavy and upset.
However, Leena Mogre Fitness Director Leena Mogre says women often mistake muscle pain for breast pain.
\"When you exercise, the chest muscles under the breast are working and naturally it hurts.
Wearing a fit sports bra, it is important to stretch and keep warm --
\"Get up right before doing a chest workout,\" she said . \".
Regular exercise can ensure you don\'t feel unwell while you are healthy and active, she added.
: Women and young girls with small buttocks prefer bras with padding, which gives them the best support.
: Wired bra works as long as it does not squeeze and damage.
Make sure the bra is flat on the chest. : Large-
Women in the chest should wear a bra with folds in the center.
Cross and wide straps that provide good support. t.
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