breast and body changes are driving teen girls out of sports

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-02
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So why are more teenage girls not on the playground?
Studies have shown that girls often begin to withdraw from exercise at the beginning of puberty and skip physical education classes, a sharp decline that is not reflected in adolescent boys.
A recent study in the Journal of Adolescent Health found a surprising common cause: the development of breasts and the attitude of girls towards breasts.
According to a survey of 2,089 British female students aged 11 to 18,
List the quarter of at least one breast
Related concerns about sports and sports.
They think their breasts are too big or too small, too elastic or tied too tightly when they are sickfitting bra.
Starting with shame about taking off their clothes in the dressing room, they are also self
Consciously unwilling to exercise, follow the flow.
Adolescent health experts praised the study for identifying and quantifying intuitive thinking.
We make assumptions about what we think we know, so it is important to be able to say that as the size of the Cup increases, many girls have less physical activity.
Sharonda Alston Taylor, assistant professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, focuses on adolescent obesity.
The challenge we face is how to solve this problem.
After reading the study, some pediatricians and adolescent health experts said they needed to better introduce girls to breast health and development.
In this study, nearly 90% of girls said they wanted to know more about breasts, and nearly half wanted to know about sports bras and breasts, especially in sports activities.
Joanna skwe, lead author of the study and professor of bioengineering at the University of Portsmouth, UK, said that the breasts themselves have little internal support, so when a girl\'s body moves, the breasts move independently, exercise increases as the size of the breast increases.
In up to 72% of sports women, exercise is the cause of breast pain or discomfort, she said.
However, while sports and sports often recommend protective equipment for boys, such as cups, sports supporters and compressed shorts, the comparable list of young women rarely includes mandatory or even recommended sports bras.
Only 10% of the girls surveyed said they always wear sports bras during exercise and exercise.
More than half of people have never worn it. Dr.
In her practice, the lack of education about bra fit and size is commonplace, says Taylor.
Mom would say, I don\'t know how big she is, and the patient would say, I just grab my sister or my mom\'s bra to wear.
Using data from this study and other studies, researchers from the sports and sports health departments of three British universities are trying to design schools-
Based on educational programs.
When the researchers asked the girls how they wanted to receive breast information through the website, the app, the vast majority replied that they wanted a girl --
Only with the female teacherAt what age?
Most of them say 11, doctor. Scurr said.
Andria Castillo, 17, a junior at Mather High School in Chicago, said she remembered when she was around that age
Realize the size of her breast;
She thinks she is developing more slowly than others.
I think boys and girls are making fun of me, she said.
No one told me to go out, but I felt they were behind me.
When I was practicing taekwondo, I would look in the mirror and find a way to hide myself.
I asked my dad if I could go.
She has a friend who is active in sports.
But in the sixth grade, the girl\'s breasts developed rapidly.
She finally completely stopped going to the gym. Castillo said.
Instead, she just went to the classroom to do her homework. âx80x9dIn time, Ms.
Castillo changed her attitude.
She is now on the school water polo and swimming team.
Not only did she praise her mother, but she also praised her as a Chicago native.
Based on the project, the girl in the game, has the body
Positive, confident
Construction projects, including singlesex athletics.
Some female teen obesity and fitness experts suggest that young girls will be more comfortable when they are singleSex physical education
But it is also said that there are shortcomings in this choice.
Kimberly Berdette, a PhD candidate in psychology at Loyola University in Chicago, studied mental factors that promote health
Girls are healthy in weight and say this separation may help as girls are becoming more aware that others are looking at their bodies.
It\'s hard to focus on exercise in this area, focus on what your body can do, if you\'re thinking about what others think your body is like, she says.
I like programming for girls only, where girls can try a sport without male gaze, regardless of her abilities.
But Elizabeth.
Daniel Daniels, assistant professor of developmental psychology at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, disagrees.
I\'m not sure that concerns or awkwardness are always related to boys, she said, noting that girls can make mocking comments about each other.
So, do we change the structure of physical education classes or respect the behavior of others?
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A version of this article appears on 05/03/2016, and on page 5 of the New York edition, the title is: the edge of adolescence.
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