brandi chastain hopeful the fifa scandal will actually help women\'s soccer

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-03
Since the arrest and prosecution of some FIFA officials at a hotel in Zurich in May 27, every day seems to be bad news for FIFA and football as a whole.
In the past two weeks, there have been more allegations and details of bribery, more corruption and more suspicious transactions within the world football governing body, and there has been little to pay attention.
But the former US president, Brady ChastanS.
The iconic 1999 World Cup champion of the national women\'s soccer player, and the recent Huffington Post scandal may be really good, especially for women\'s football: ex, about how it works, there is not much dialogue.
It\'s just FIFA. It was FIFA.
Now, our new president-
Male or Female-
Must be a leader who is more thoughtful and transparent.
What I hope is that they will see women\'s football match men\'s football and support it in the same way and will never play women\'s World Cup in space again, because this is not the game we play.
I look forward to the future.
Also, with every new and dirty development release (
Probably more football headlines than American audiences see)
The work will take place in the context of the FIFA Women\'s World Cup, which opens on Saturday and will continue until early July.
\"At this time, the first hope is that many people will pay attention to football and they will pay attention to the Women\'s World Cup.
They say, \'What happened in football?
Said Chastan.
\"They will watch the best players in the world play their best and give every strength to the World Cup winners.
So it\'s a good thing, it\'s a very positive thing.
\"It\'s long after the World Cup.
The scandal will have a big impact on FIFA. Chastan said FIFA should start with diversity.
FIFA\'s handling of women\'s football has a lot to criticize, from astroturf at this year\'s tournament to a woman at the FIFA executive committee, to yes, even the outgoing FIFA President Blatter\'s remarks on gender discrimination
Who, to start, didn\'t recognize Alex Morgan, one of the top players in the sport--male or female. )
\"Now is an opportunity for football to pause and get a perspective and to think about who will lead us in the future,\" Chastain said . \".
With Blatter\'s term coming to an end, as well as subsequent talks and commitments on reform and transparency, Chastan said she liked the idea of diversity as a starting point \".
\"We haven\'t had this conversation in a long time, so I think it\'s a bit lost,\" she said . \".
\"Now, people think differently about it.
\"This is expected to be a perspective for a new era of world football.
Chastan herself and her 1999 teams have played a huge role in the development of women\'s football, and she said she hopes the scenery will eventually see the game of equality between men and women.
No one wants institutions, of course.
Chastain added that the news that shaking corruption was a catalyst for change made her sad.
\"I like this game very much, I like players, I hope football can be seen in the way I have lived, I feel it, I believe it is possible to improve people\'s level on a regular basis, so I\'m sad, she said.
\"But I looked at it, \'This is a glimmer of hope.
\"But for the time being, there is also the Women\'s World Cup, and Chastan said it could also have the same impact on the sport as the United States. S.
In addition to ticket sales or media reports, 1999 World Cup champion.
Team USA midfielder Megan Lapino celebrates after 3-3 goals
Defeated Australia on Monday, June 8.
\"There are so many things that you can\'t put your fingers in places without statistics that you can\'t track,\" she said . \".
Chastain said: \"Every World Cup, we have gained more experience, we have gained more history, we have contacted more people, we have affected young girls.
\"Whether it\'s playing football, going to college, becoming a student athlete, or thinking outside of their special circumstances, say \'I want more \'.
\"This year\'s Women\'s World Cup will definitely have more games, and with the pool expanding from 16 to 24, there are more teams participating in the game than ever before.
Chastain works with Capital One Cup to provide scholarships for students
Athletes added that university levels, including more international athletes, are also changing.
While many male athletes are deciding \"one-and-
Women are getting degrees and national titles, says Chastan.
But, Chastan said, \"You can\'t stand still.
After winning the game
In the penalty shootout against the Chinese team in the 1999 Women\'s World Cup final, Chastan fell to the ground with a jersey and a sports bra in his hand. Created perhaps one of the most iconic moments in sports history and one of the most powerful moments for women, a dead end of recent in-depth research.
Brady Chaston\'s memorable celebration after the game-
Won the penalty shootout.
However, on state television, a woman wearing a bra was not strongly opposed.
\"There will be people who will dissect things. . .
They will twist them.
This will happen.
\"It\'s great, you can have a conversation,\" Chastain said . \".
\"This is my responsibility.
At that moment, I began to take charge of the meaning of that moment, I shared this information and it went back to the women\'s football team.
\"The former football player admits that things have changed since she and her teammates brought the World Cup home in 1999, and even players like Roda RUSI can now
It is essential that we have the opportunity to enter this field.
It says, we are in charge of what kind of person we want to be, it doesn\'t matter if you don\'t like it, I think you have the ability to say it but it doesn\'t change me
I think it is the true position of women now.
I don\'t have to be one thing: I\'m a woman, I\'m a mother, I\'m a wife, I\'m a professional and I can do whatever I want.
So I think if we have that confidence, that\'s what we want to give to our daughter, and I think sport is a great tool.
We can cultivate a generation of girls who are not afraid and will eventually be afraid, and we will get rid of this kind of gender discrimination or believe that women are suitable for these categories. No.
Because we decided they wouldn\'t.
We would also like to see more women make decisions within FIFA.
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