bradley cooper\'s supermodel girlfriend irina shayk gushes about motherhood

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-06
Irina Shayk is excited to be the mother of the daughter of the Seine with Bo Bradley Cooper.
The supermodel told W magazine that irina shayk tried to hide baby boomers at Victoria\'s Secret fashion show \"I always say being a mom is one of the greatest things in the world.
\"I don\'t think this has changed my life.
It did change to make me better.
Family is the most important thing in the world.
The supermodel added that being a mother doesn\'t change her sense of fashion, which can sometimes be dangerous.
Click here to get the Fox News APP \"Sometimes [people]
Like, \'Oh, she\'s a mom, she\'s wearing this?
Shayk, 33, laughed, \"I think, \'Let me take a break, girl. \'.
\"We live in the 21 st century.
Just because you are a mom and you have a child doesn\'t mean you have to change and wear different clothes.
Continue to express yourself and who you are.
Shayk and Cooper, 44, welcomed Lea in March 2017.
Bradley Cooper and Irina Shaike fight in front of the camera?
They have been dating for three years.
Although Shayk has not changed her personal style since becoming a mother, she says her thoughts on sexy are not necessarily public or publicyour-face.
Every woman is sexy in her own way.
This is something from your heart.
You don\'t need to go out and show-
\"But if you want to go out and show it, that\'s fine,\" she said . \"
Irina shayk returned to the bikini area a month after delivery, \"When you see a woman in a suit and sneakers, I think she\'s sexy.
It\'s about your character, how you move, how you talk
\"It\'s sexy for me,\" said Sports Illustrated Swimsuit stuntman and underwear model.
\"This is not a push --
Bra on the neck, you can\'t breathe.
More elegant, refined and modern.
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