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Bosom buddies: Choosing the right sports bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-06
In addition to the shoes, the sports bra is probably the most important equipment in the women\'s fitness closet.
A good sports bra is not just a beautiful color or a beautiful print (
In fact, some of the best are not the most attractive).
It\'s mainly about support.
\"You won\'t go to the football field without a helmet or proper padding,\" said iRun Texas, a merchandise manager at iRun Texas, a business store with two locations in San Antonio.
\"The same is true when you go to the gym or go out for a run.
Sports bra is part of your gear.
\"Why exercise without proper breast support can cause pain or embarrassment, both of which prevent some women from exercising completely.
Full support in high school
Shock motion can also damage Cooper\'s ligaments, which are the fibers that shape the breast.
Elastic-free tissues can be permanently stretched.
Researchers at Thein England have found that breast games affect the way women run, which can have a negative impact on sports performance.
Bounce up and down is not the only problem-
According to a study by the Portsmouth Breast Health Research Group, the study shows that the breasts also move from one side to the other in motion and forward and backward, it has tested hundreds of women to measure breast movements in cup sizes and a range of activities.
When a woman jogs or runs, the breast moves in a figure --eight pattern.
In sports, larger breasts move more with smaller breasts, but the researchers found that a good bra can significantly reduce the breast movement of women of all cup sizes, even ifAffect exercise.
A typical underwear bra cannot provide the same level of support as a good sports bra, and the sports bra should provide movement control and comfort without digging, pinching or rubbing. ing.
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