Beyoncé Photographed at the Gym With Jay-Z as She Continues Working Fitness Back Into Her Routine

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-11
Beyoncé can\'t stop, can\'t stop!
The superstar, after giving birth to twins Sir Rumi and Carter and Jay in June, has been slowly but surely returning fitness work to a busy schedule
Z has been around her, inspiring each other along the way.
In fact, the couple were photographed traveling to a gym in Los Angeles with BFF Kelly Rowland today.
Wearing a pair of black sports leggings and a beige jersey, Bey wears the hood when entering and leaving the gym.
She matched Jay, who also wore black casual pants, beige jerseys and hood.
On the other hand, Kelly is wearing a black motorcycle shorts with a gray sports bra and a hat.
A bystander told us that the couple came to the gym together and Kelly met them there.
\"Beyonce went out with a towel. she looked like she had a big sweat . \"\"Jay-
Z is in a good mood and Kelly is very happy.
They all looked angry but excited. \"As E!
According to news reports last week, Bey has relaxed her work after welcoming the twins.
Over the past few weeks, she has been spotted playing soul cycles with Jay several timesZ.
We were told by a source that the singer \"liked\" cycling and that she was \"relaxing\" her typical high-intensity exercise and diet program while \"still recovering \".
The person familiar with the matter also pointed out that she keeps fit by \"drinking a lot of green juice and trying to observe what\'s inside her.
Bey looks and feels great, another source said.
\"We were told,\" she was absolutely inspired and motivated, Jay-
Z looks very supportive.
\"Apart from health, the couple seems to be doing better than ever.
Just last week, they left at a low price.
Romantic sushi date nights, Friday, they enjoy roller skating-
Have a theme outing with a group of friends.
Another source told us last week: \"They have been dating several times since the baby was born . \".
\"They have reliable people at home to help babies and blue [Ivy]
When they went out\"
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