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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-13
A new study found that more than half of women who don\'t wear the right sports bra while exercising can lead to health complications. The study\'s co-
The author, Professor Julie Steele, director of Breast Research at wollonggang University in Australia, sports bra can relieve breast discomfort and reduce the risk of neck and shoulder injuries and even nerve damage.
\"This is a real concern because many women don\'t wear the right bra,\" Steele said . \".
\"The design of the daily bra looks good and is not supported during the event.
\"People don\'t think about wearing the right shoes to exercise, but they don\'t change the bra.
\"There are two styles of sports bras on the market --
Cropped top and encapsulated bra.
Ideal for younger or smaller
Women with breasts, crop tops without cups, and chest pressed together.
A bra with a large separate Cup, a wide padded belt and a wide and strong belt is more suitable for a large bra.
Chest and older women, and tall womenExercise with energy. Some larger-
To get enough support, women in the chest may even need to wear an encapsulated bra and crop top at the same time.
In contrast, the strap of the fashion bra is very thin and does not completely cover the breast, but by the non-
Support materials.
To help educate and encourage women to wear sports bras, Australian sports medicine and bras have produced a free bra selection guide, sports and breast report fact sheet that can be downloaded at sma. org. au.
Fact sheets suggest what you look for in bands, straps, cups and materials, and fit.
Although the number of women wearing sports bras is small, there are a lot to choose from on the market, from cheap bras under $20 to bras above $100. TARGETMedium-
Get $25 impact underwear sports bra from Target target. com.
AuA padded sports bra, thanks to its molded seamless Cup covering the entire breast, as well as the broadband and underwear located on the ribs, it provides good support, not the breast tissue
It has an adjustable strap so you can swap between the straight belt and the car --back style.
Bra size up to 16 d designed for medium size
Sports such as cycling or dancing.
95, Myer, myer. com.
This crop top is designed with seams and has sporty comfortfree, wire-
Free of charge, made of fabric, it sucks moisture out of the body while you\'re busy getting hot, helping you stay cool.
It also has a gel hook. and-
Eyes that prevent irritation and friction.
Wide, adjustable straps and double
This bra features a layered front panel with good support
Sports such as running and tennis.
Also available in black, white, blue and purple.
Sports bra $49.
95, Belle, Belle. com. The best of Oberley-
Tennis superstar Serena Williams likes to sell sports bras best.
Berlei is the only recognized brand of the Australian Institute of Physical Education, and like all Berlei sports bras, it is AIS-tested.
There\'s power on both The Wire and The Wire-
Free Style, high-
Affects activity because it reduces breast rebound by more than 50.
Grid and cotton
The inner lining Cup will make it comfortable when you sweat.
LORNA JANEDivine sports bra $62.
From Lorna Jane, lornajane. com.
AuLIKE all Lorna Jane\'s products, this bra makes a pretty stylish statement with its eyes
Colorful, chicken collar, laser-cut T-back design.
But not only is this an attractive option, it also has the right box in practicality, with broadband and straps on the ribs rather than on the breast tissue.
The liner is removable, shrink-
Fade resistant
Fast resistant fabric
Dry and breathable.
Its size ranges from XXS to L.
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