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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-07
How does a woman determine and ultimately choose the best bra for her size?
According to Barbara Lipton, merchandise manager at Saks Fifth Avenue, 75% of women wear the wrong size bra.
This means they are walking around in at least uncomfortable bras and in the worst case can damage their breast tissue.
Lipton has been installing bras for Saks customers for 10 years and has been a buyer for its intimate apparel division.
She joined CBS this morning to give women some tips on this issue.
The bra fitter will make sure the bra fits exactly in five different ways: color = Purple> cup size, strap length, underwear (
It should be placed on the rib cage, not on the breast), and,Center (
The area between the cups should lie flat on the body)
Many women choose bras that are either too small (the majority), or too large.
Both cases can lead to loss of breast elasticity.
A little more gravity and sagging will get worse over time.
Essentially, the bra is designed to shape and support the chest in a natural position.
Google Cloud Outage\'s missing connech mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters have interrupted Harris\'s shoulder straps and should not be lifted up to pull the chest higher.
The straps should be loose enough to fit one finger below.
The bra should not be in the back;
This makes it clear that the band is either too big or the cup is too small.
There should be no overflow unless the \"Demi\" effect is what you really want, for which you should buy a demi bra).
Signs indicating professional bra accessories are a must: color = Purple> If you increase or decrease your baby by more than 10 before birth and after giving birthe long Sports Program ---
Because if you are receiving hormone replacement therapy, your back may become wide because breast enlargement is a common side effect of measuring yourself at home: color = purple> it\'s better to ask a friend for help, do this in front of the mirror.
It is also important to remember that the measurement process is just a guide.
Measurement 1: Both sides have the strap size of the arm, wear a bra, wrap the soft cloth band perfectly horizontally on the ribs below the chest, and the breast tissue touches the ribs.
Increase the measurement by 5 inch.
Therefore, if the measurement is 31, the addition of 5 inch and 36 is the band size.
If the total number is an odd number, round the number to the next even number.
Measurement 2: the size of the cup is measured loosely for the second time on the nipple, which is the most complete part of the breast.
Each time this number is 1 inch different from your band size number, it will give you the size of your cup.
The difference of 1 inch will be-
Cup B-2 inch
Cups and so on.
Therefore, if the second measurement totals 39 and the irst measurement is 36, the difference is 3, indicating the C cup.
Lipton says the bras most women buy are too small.
Women wear an average of 36 yards.
It is important to remember that there must be color = Purple> bottom line.
It gives shape and support.
Style is personal preference. Demi, push-
Sports bra, bra, mini bra.
Full cup bra should cover the breast.
Half bra or half bra provides cleavage. The push-
Up bra brings you the ultimate decolette.
As long as it fits and has a bottom line, any style will fit you.
Seamless Bra: Seamless bra is popular today as it provides a good-
Round and natural shapes.
\"Everyone should put the T-shirt in the wardrobe.
But you should also sew the bra in the wardrobe to make it look like everyday life, especially when you are above the C cup.
The bra at the seams supports more.
Sports bra: as long as the bra is suitable, the appearance of \"squashed\" is OK.
Sports bras are designed to contain breasts so they don\'t bounce back.
Women in class C and larger categories should wear more Bra-type sports bras.
One of Lipton\'s recommended models is Donna Karan\'s 35137, which costs $50. 00.
Shoulder straps: this type of bra can be a challenge.
Style and figure are the key.
Cups A, B and C should not have any problems with the shoulder-less bra, but it is difficult to get this bra right.
Shades: white bras should never be worn under a white shirt unless you really want them to reveal.
The rule of thumb is to wear meat --
If the shirt is a pure tone bra.
Women of color can try dark nudity to achieve the same colorless effect.
A black bra should never be worn under white.
Recommended bra: color = purple> Here are some of the fashion brands Lipton recommends to customers. Minimizers -
Hua Geer is the best.
$5232-fashion items $8544C-
Internal shape minimizer $5385600-$523242C-
Dddseamlessstyle BRANDPRICENAME1660 stay $ month Sunn Lace85105Wacoal $42 opaque hard Seamless85182 Wacoal $36 bodysuede microfiber Seamless85185Wacoal 48 bodysuede month leisure Comfort35146DKI Figure35160DKI $40 simple 40 signature cotton lycrapaddedstyle BRANDPRICENAME75362Natori Sophistication35152DKI $40 invisible 35 Custom Classic seamless2600FelinaWacoal UW 32362 a take $29 Stephanie padded Petites BRANDPRICENAME85482Wacoal 59 essencia line straplessstraplessstyle Collection1465Chantelle $38 light 32 Seamless 74362 a take $ Strapless515Va 70 long straplessprotruding nipplesstyle BRANDPRICENAME85115Wacoal Bien $40 48 Jin light lining seamless 85341 Wacoal $ linedracerbacksstyle BRANDPRICENAME35362Natori $33 tailored custom of classic T-shirt
$48 full picture T-
$ 34Net insert T-
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