behind the label: the ideologies behind the lululemon manifesto

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-17
This is the latest issue behind the label, which is a weekly column on corporate social responsibility and green environmental protection of ecological salons.
Few people can argue with this feeling.
OK, confirm and print the declaration of Lululemon.
Practical instructions (
\"Drink as much fresh water as possible \");
Important reminder (
\"What do we do to the Earth, what do we do to ourselves \"); feel-good quotes (
\"Do one thing every day that scares you \");
And an inspiring statement of action (
\"This is not your spiritual life.
This is all \").
Loyal customers of yoga
Inspired clothing companies carry reusable handbags with declarations and hang recognizable red-
The wall is full of flashy posters that spread the message on almost every social media channel.
Lululemon\'s manifesto is a veritable feeling of the virus.
But the lyrics show the basic business of lulululemon Athletica and ideology?
The answer is a little more complicated than \"dancing, singing, floss and traveling.
In 1998, Dennis \"Chip\" Wilson, a Canadian husky businessman, founded lululululemon Athletica tica, who has produced snowboards and ski apparel.
According to Lululemon lore, excited after attending his first business yoga class, Wilson found an opportunity to enter the growing market of middle-class female yogis
In 2000, Wilson opened the first lululullemon store on the waterfront near Kitsilano, Vancouver.
Wilson said the company\'s initial vision was to be a \"community center that provides knowledge, tools and components to our guests to lead a longer, healthier and more interesting life.
\"However, after realizing that this vision could not be achieved, Lu Lumon re-focused his work on employee development, especially in the areas of goal setting and personal responsibility.
Then, the vision of the company turned to \"elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness \".
\"What exactly does this mean?
By contrast, according to Wilson, this is undoubtedly a positive message that resonates with fans of lululullemon around the world.
The declaration of Lululemon, which means mediocre-to-
The great concept incorporates a range of inspiring words that help connect these values of action, health and personal responsibility to the company\'s yoga standards
Inspiration for sportswear.
Customers buy a $98 pair of casual pants, not just a new piece of clothing.
They are buying a lifestyle and a set of values.
This formula is very successful.
Lulululemon has established a loyal community of devotees, with hundreds of locations around the world.
Despite the recession, annual revenues continue to grow, and the company was listed on the Goldman Sachs select stock list earlier this year.
The bad words of the ruolimon declaration are considered inspiring and inspiring.
However, when absorbing this information, the historical nerd (hi! )
It can be seen that Herbert Hoover\'s traces of \"rough individualism --
People are the Republican idea of self
Adequate, no need for assistance in difficult times (
The Great Depression, for example. . .
We all know what the result is. .
They can also observe strains of social Darwin.
The \"survival of the fittest\" ideology used to explain historical events such as colonialism, slavery and even the Holocaust.
Contemporary readers may hear the echo of Mitt Romney\'s now infamous \"47%\" mistake in which he punishes those who \"refuse to take personal responsibility\" because they
Perhaps most obviously, however, is some of the concepts in aain Rand\'s classic 1957 novel, Atlas shrug, in which the author sets out the principles of objectivity, a philosophy about people \"pursuing their own rational self\"
Interest and happiness are the highest moral goals of his life.
Rand\'s \"shrug\" and objectivity have recently been adopted by the Republican tea party movement to advance its rights --wing, anti-
Agenda of socialism
Needless to say, this information is very different from the liberal ideals that many people in the yoga community believe in.
What does all this have to do with sports bras?
Well, the foundation of the Tea Party movement is precisely the same ideology, which constitutes the foundation of Lulumon\'s mission.
According to the lulullemon blog, founder Chip Wilson first read Atlas Shrug at age 18, a book that seriously affected his \"taking the world from mediocrity to great pursuit \"--
Later became the vision of road dream company.
Last year, the company printed thousands of reusable handbags with the words \"Who is John gaeldt ? \"? \" -
There is a famous saying in the book
And distribute it in the store.
This emphasis on Rand ideology, especially the \"selfish virtue\", explains to a large extent some of the very suspicious actions lulululemon has taken over the past few years.
For example, Chip Wilson said at a meeting of business owners in North America, \"children in the third world should be allowed to work in factories because it provides them with a lot --needed wages.
\"I look at the issue as much as the WTO is that getting poor countries out of poverty is the easiest way, Wilson told the Canadian publication Tyee.
Lulululemon has also been criticized for its recruitment policies for \"survival of the fittest\", which tend to be highly competitive category A figures.
\"When we first started, we only hired yogis,\" Wilson told Fast Company in 2009 . \".
\"But they didn\'t succeed because they were too slow.
So we started to hire runners who like yoga.
They prefer to play and.
In this article, Fast Company describes Lululemon as \"sales worship\" and is told by \"an exciting self\"
Realize cocktails from the equal part of the Landmark Forum (
Seminar based on the philosophy of Werner elhad)
Books by inspirational business guru Brian Tracy and Oprah
Best-Seller secret, endorsed by Rhonda Byrn.
\"If there are any signs of revenue growth, the result may be good for sales, but it may also be dangerous, as suggested by a well-known murder last year.
In this case, Brittany Norwood, an employee of Lululemon, brutally killed co-
After a conflict, worker Jayna Murray was stolen from a pair of yoga pants.
Huffington Post columnist Stewart J. although there is no evidence that Lumont was involved in the crime
Lawrence questioned whether the company\'s policies could be a contributing factor.
The example highlighted above is just an example of lulululemon\'s mistake.
Marketing tactics? Check.
The \"marketing strategy\" of racism \"? Uh-huh.
Wash the green openly? Naturally. Drug-
Hidden secret information on shopping bags? Yup, even that.
The New York Times praised Lululemon for successfully promoting \"concept consumption \"--
\"What we buy is not just something, but some ideas that are reflected in that thing.
\"On the surface, the idea promoted by lulululemon seems to be positive: drink fresh water, avoid chemical cleaners, get the right amount of sunshine, floss.
But the controversial issue cannot be ignored.
The ideology behind this information, and the ethical irresponsible practices of companies.
If I was going to spend $68 on a sports bra, my money would be better spent on a company that really embodies the values it promotes.
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