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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-21
Muguet Porcelaine is a luxury scent of French fashion company hermes s, which powerfully presents the \"silent flower\" Lily in the valley, mixed with green notes, exudes softness,
This perfume marks the 13-year release of the \"smell poem\", The hermeshershermessence collection.
\"Lily has so many subtleties --of-the-
I often dream of sublimate its valley, \"Jean-
Claude Ellena, at the back of his nose, said at a press conference.
\"I plunged into its scent to reproduce the beauty and sensuality of this fragile flower like porcelain.
\"Successfully created a fragrance that captures the elusive scent of lily --of-the-
The valley is a well-known and arduous task in the perfume world.
It is reported that Elena\'s main goal is to show the aroma of delicate flowers.
Speaking of the balance needed to create fragrance, Ellena said: \"From Nature to natural idealization, my craft as a perfumer can be compared to jumping house games . \".
\"After many attempts, it is happy and celebrated to arrive at the\" summit \"in one jump.
The Lily in the Valley has so many subtleties that I imagine it to be sublime.
\"I was immersed in its perfume and gave up my other senses to reproduce the beauty and softness of this fragile flower of porcelain.
This perfume is ripe.
But I don\'t like it at all.
The taste of soap is a bit dramatic.
Our testers were surprised by the power of the green notes contained in this light fragrance water.
No attraction to overwhelm the stars
The essence of Lily Valley-
This natural fragrance will be transformed into an early morning fragrance, almost a scent with dew.
While this may not be the perfume you spray every day, it offers a beautiful (
Very beautiful bottle)
The exciting floral fragrance leaves a lasting impression of luxury.
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