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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-15
Refer to the American women's clothing specification and reference size table (Table 3-18) for the necessary size of the basic pattern making of the body, and take the young women's specification 12 as the standard, and its necessary size is: bust 88.9cm, waist 67.3cm, armhole length ( AH) 41.9cm, back length 40.6cm, shoulder drop 7.6cm. Note that the above dimensions include the basic amount of relaxation. (Track and field suit) basic pattern making steps for the body: ① Make a rectangle: make a rectangle with a length of 1/2 bust + 1.3cm, a width of a rectangle with back length, and 1.3cm is the amount of relaxation for the width of the armhole. The right line of the rectangle is the back midline, the left line is the front midline, the lower line is the waist auxiliary line, and the upper line is the auxiliary line. ② Make a basic dividing line: take the shoulder drop from the vertex of the rear midline down, and make the vertical line of the rear midline, which is the auxiliary line of the shoulder drop. Take AH/3 downward from the intersection of the shoulder drop auxiliary line and the posterior midline, and make the vertical line of the posterior midline intersect the anterior midline, which is the armhole depth line. High-quality sportswear suits can be found on the official website of Ingor , where there are many styles of sportswear suits, including spring and summer, autumn and winter, outdoor special, and business casual. If we buy one or two sportswear manufacturer suits, we basically go to the stores on the street or Taobao to buy them, because there are so many styles for us to choose from! But if we want to buy large quantities of sportswear manufacturer or group purchases, we recommend that you come to Ingor to have a look. Ingor 's original styles are guaranteed to meet the unique attributes of your team. It ensures the display of team image and is your preferred sportswear manufacturer suit brand for team sports. Related recommendation: The solution of new leather shoes grinding feet
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