bandier is the multi-brand activewear retailer that\'s challenging lululemon

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-03
Strolling through Manhattan\'s Flatiron district is like walking into the gym: pulsating music, fitness sales, and Leica.
In the era of clothing stores taking the lead in digitalization, Bandieris is becoming a popular
Brick and mortar destinations for stylish fitness clothing.
The retailer has selected products from global emerging brands that account for 40% of bandier\'s overall business, and also stores exclusive and limited edition products from brands such as Nike, Reebok, Under Armour and Adidas.
Celebrities Kim Kardashian and Liv Taylor are fans and the most influential people who often weave lines from bandier sports spandex. More than Bandel.
The concept of brand stores resonated widely.
Some consumers, and through the opening of new stores and the adoption of viral brands, promote the expansion of brands across the country.
Villerbandieris, a former music director who has managed the R & B trio TLC for 12 years, was taken after a broken foot forced her to wear only rock fitness outfits
Bandierquickly tired of her sportswear and started looking for more on a global scaleand-
The upcoming sportswear series.
In the summer of 2014, Bandir opened her first store in Southampton, New York, and by the end of 2015 they will have four locations and an electronic store
In an era when retailers quickly shut down and focused on digitalization, Bandieris is expanding.
Shortly after the opening, Jennifer and her husband, partner Neil boyski, opened a second branch in the Flatiron area.
Bandierpicked has a boutique fitness studio in all directions from SoulCycle to Barry training camp, choosing a prime location in a place known as the boutique fitness Golden Triangle.
In an era when exercise has become a social destination, and friends who join spin have replaced cocktail parties, people think it is important what you wear to go to class.
\"People want to stand out and express themselves,\" said Jennifer Bandir . \".
\"You shouldn\'t sacrifice your personal style just because you\'re in the gym.
\"By January 2016, Bandierwill moved its flagship in Manhattan to a 3,500-square-foot space on whitethavenue, including a 1,700-square-foot loft fitness studio, a hearing station and
They just opened a store in the United States in Manhattan, New York, and they will open another place year by year.
End at Dallas Highland Park Village in Texas.
\"Normally it takes five years to wait to get into these retail groups, but Bandier\'s multiple
Brand concept and fashion
The strong demand for bricks has produced a strong aesthetic demand. and-
Global physical stores.
\"Ashley hadults, ofBandiersaid, director of public relations.
Bandierhas will open in four other locations on 2016.
\"It\'s like a spark that\'s been ignited and there\'s a lot of tangible momentum.
If we do this and sales are not behind the scenes, it\'s crazy.
\"We see strong sales and big growth every month,\" said Boyarsky . \".
\"Our growth forecast is based on actual demand and sales.
It is not uncommon for a woman to walk into the store to buy 20 items and replace her entire fitness wardrobe.
\"The store is sold by sports brands that are large enough to collect.
Many big brands like Nike and Reebok are using bandierasastrategic laun to get more fashion --
Forward items and capsule collections.
The uniqueness and novelty of Bandier\'s merchandise is critical to the success of retailers, and it provides consumers with something that can\'t be found anywhere else. \"I like Bandir.
It was great to work with Jen, Jayne and the team.
Every time I go to the store, it feels like home.
They are really expert curators who carry only the best and most fashionable products in the sports world.
I am proud to be one of their best-selling brands and part of their journey to change the rules of the game, \"said Nicholas Harris, founder of HPE.
\"We have no competition in the format we are in.
Other companies sell sportswear online but do not have physical stores.
There are a lot of new sportswear brands that are critical for shoppers to feel the material and try it on to stay fit.
At Bandier, you can walk into the dressing rooms of 10 different brands to learn about performance, technology, fabric and fit.
\"People don\'t wear it from head to foot in a brand, and they want a sporty look, mix and match style,\" says Boyarsky . \".
The sales staff are all from a boutique fitness and sports background, and they know what is right for the customer and what is recommended, depending on the level of activity of the customer.
Individual shoppers in Bandier help customers achieve the same stylish and functional sportswear look. “We re-
We sell new products in stores almost every day, so we keep creating new experiences or customers, \"said Jennifer bendir.
\"Many sportswear have also become a fashion staple food that can be matched with ready-to-wear --to-wear.
We encourage customers to add active goods to their daily lives.
\"Bandieris is currently privately funded and is attracting potential investors who share their vision to move towards the world, with their eyes focused on London and other European outposts.
\"It\'s so exciting to be part of a healthy exercise, it seems to be everywhere and always --growing.
Consumers are very interested in this category of discovery, which makes Bandier an exciting environment to find the latest and best fitness outfits.
\"The reason behind buying sportswear is that you are taking care of yourself,\" Bandier said . \".
There are a lot of rumors about who is the next lulululemon brand, but when department stores rush to form an editorial fitness department, the question is who the next retailer is.
\"One thing about healthy and healthy spaces is that as consumers, people want a dedicated real experience.
We host the course in the store and we have a real point of view that as a large department store, there is a small event clothing section that is hard to do.
As a professional, how do you put your marketing efforts into the activities of the Chanel department? \"Said Boyarksy.
Come and visit here.
All pictures are provided by Bandier.
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