backne? this suit\'s got your back

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-30
If backne (back acne)
Scars or tattoos let you reach for the cover
When you leave the water, there is a swimsuit line in the works that covers your back. Literally.
When Lensa Kitilla founder Ken took a swim, she had already started the campaign of Kickstarter, prompting her to be suitable for it.
It looks like she\'s going to get there: the $15,000 she needs has raised more than half of it, and there\'s more than three weeks left to continue her campaign.
So, what are these \"full back insurance\" suits that are not available to ordinary old rash guards?
One is \"elegant \".
In addition, the rash guard \"targets women who are chlorine-sensitive, skin-sensitive and need sun protection,\" Kitilla said.
Therefore, it is usually made of thick material and usually covers the whole upper body.
The feeling of wearing a swimsuit will disappear because it looks like a shirt that fits, not a swimsuit. \"The Arizona-
Headquartered in Kitilla, a professional engineer, he suffered from acne in his back when he was a teenager and had scars to show.
Until today, she will feel uncomfortable wearing a backless dress.
\"In terms of swimsuits,\" she wrote on the fundraising page, \"I dare not let you find clothes that really cover your back.
\"It is true that most suits expose most of the back, especially the upper back.
Kenna Swims claims to be \"the only swimwear collection for women who want to cater to fashionable swimwear but want to cover up backne, scars and tattoos.
Kitilla told ABC News that she recently heard from a woman that she had a \"big tattoo\" on her back when she was young, and now she is already a mother and older, show it no longer feels comfortable.
What Kitilla can understand is to set a good example.
\"I want the brand to be a replacement for teenage girls and young people who are bombarded with information that appeal equals to showing more skin,\" she said . \".
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