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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-12
Autumn is the peak season for women's bottoming shirts, Womens sports leggings and shapewear sales. A fashionable bodybuilding bottoming shirt has become a landscape of this season. Of course, you need to find a strong factory to customize autumn bottoming shirts, because powerful bottoming shirt factories can develop different styles of bottoming shirts according to market demand. Ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear in 17 years, processing and producing autumn bottoming shirts series. Products, this is not the case that the Suzhou customer found ingorsports by looking for the bottoming shirt factory, and also decided to come to the factory to meet and negotiate.

Customer Miss Qu is the purchasing manager of a daily necessities company in Suzhou. The company's main business covers a wide range. Seamless underwear, bottoming shirts in autumn and winter are also a relatively important business segment of the company. The pursuit of higher and higher, seamless underwear, seamless knitted autumn and winter bottoming shirts have also begun to be more and more sought after by people. The autumn bottoming shirt business that Miss Qu is responsible for also needs to find powerful manufacturers for cooperation.

Guangzhou ingorsports has been a seamless underwear manufacturer for 17 years. Because it only focuses on the research and development and production of apparel products in the field of seamless knitting, the 'Vancher' series of seamless underwear and bottoming shirts produced and processed by ingorsports have been well received by customers. favorite.

With the rise of the Internet, the most direct way for people to find women's bottoming shirt manufacturers is through the Internet, and the spread of ingorsports Internet channels also arises in time. Suzhou customer Miss Qu is looking for autumn bottoming shirt factories through the Internet. Find ingorsports, learn about it through online communication, as well as some practical examples, the factory live let customers also understand that ingorsports only makes seamless knitted underwear and bottoming shirts, so it is more professional. We sent some new products of bottoming shirts that we recently launched by ingorsports, and the customers were very satisfied with them. At the same time, we also told customers that our factory has also passed many certifications and cooperated with Wal-Mart.

Customers are very satisfied. They mentioned that they have always cooperated with some big factories in the past. They hope to find the kind of strong bottoming shirt manufacturers with independent research and development capabilities, and they have also found some online that can produce autumn bottoming shirts. factory, but most of them only do OEM custom-made products, and they hope to find a factory that can help them develop and produce products, and they have cash for them to choose this kind of, ingorsports just meets these requirements of customers, and ingorsports has always been right The research and development and investment of products are very large, 7 senior designers with 18 years of experience, 8 to 10 new models of Sunrise...

Afterwards, our customer service staff suggested that customers come to our seamless underwear factory for on-the-spot inspection and interview, and the customer accepted it readily.

The customer's action is also super fast. After the online communication last Friday, the customer came to inform that she has made an explanation with the company and decided to come to ingorsports for an interview this Tuesday.

Thanks to customers for their trust and love for ingorsports, ingorsports insists on doing a good job of products and services, and solves problems for customers! If you are looking for a custom factory for autumn bottoming shirts, go to ingorsports, a 17-year-old manufacturer that truly provides you with customized on-demand manufacturers of personalized autumn bottoming shirts for women. QQ: 2083574942

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