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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-29
When customizing sportswear, if you want to use sanded fabrics, you must first understand what sanded fabrics are. The brushed fabric we call is named after a layer of uniform fluff will gradually form on the surface of the fabric after being rubbed. According to the friction of the fabric, sanding is also divided into deep sanding, medium sanding or shallow sanding. Next, we will focus on the advantages of sportswear made of sanded fabrics. Advantages and disadvantages of brushed fabrics Guangzhou sportswear manufacturers 1. While the appearance, feel and comfort of brushed sportswear are increased, its anti-wrinkle performance is also better than sportswear made of other fabrics, which makes enterprise employees in the fight It saves you a lot of trouble when it comes to managing your sportswear. 2. After friction treatment, the fabric will be softer and more comfortable, and the weather will be cold in autumn and winter, while the sportswear manufacturer made of brushed fabric is soft and comfortable, and its thermal performance will also increase a lot. 3. After the brushed fabric is printed and dyed, although the color is bright, it will not fade and pilling, which virtually increases the service life of the brushed fabric sportswear. High-quality sportswear is not necessarily reflected in the price. Now that the Internet is so developed, the communication of information has become very convenient, and it is very difficult to make money by poor information. Everyone is pursuing high cost performance. Therefore, sportswear suits have gradually developed to low-cost and high-quality routes. It ended the previous single situation of low-end low price and high-end high price. As a professional sportswear suit customization manufacturer, it has been engaged in the clothing customization industry for many years, customizing a large number of team sportswear for countless groups, constantly optimizing the production process, learning advanced production technology, introducing high-tech production equipment, training employees, introducing Talents, high-quality raw materials are used, and Ingor sportswear suits can be seen in large and small sports events. This is the pride of Ingor people and the trust of consumers in the brand of Ingor sportswear. Related recommendation: Lycra cotton becomes a new fabric for T-shirt customization
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