ashley graham, christie brinkley and chrissy teigen celebrate launch of sports illustrated’s annual swimwear edition

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-30
Last night, the world\'s most gorgeous models celebrated the launch of the iconic annual swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.
Ashley Graham, 28, and Chris Tegan, 31, led the red carpet, but was 63 at the timeyear-
The old Christie Brinkley who stole the show
Dressed in figure
Christie loves the red jumpsuit and looks radiant when she smiles at the camera on the red carpet.
Her blonde hair was worn in the rough waves and she made her forever
The young features some striking red lip sticks and subtle smoky eyes.
Her two daughters appeared with her in the latest swimsuit magazine, 18-year-old and 21-year-old Sailor Brinkley Cook --year-
His father is singer Billy Joel.
The supermodel said her two daughters encouraged her to shoot in the latest issue.
She told People magazine, \"My first thought was, \'At my age? No way!
\"When I was 30, I thought, \'This is the last time I pose in a swimsuit!
I am 63 years old when this problem comes out.
Those days have passed, I think.
But to do it with my girls, I think, for the last time!
Meanwhile, Chrissy is on the red carpet wearing a beautiful oriental floral print wrap skirt and a black boot with a thigh high lace up.
The star added a belt to the fabric while her hair was wet.
The couple posed next to John, laughing on the red carpet, and the singer put his arm around the waist of his amazing wife.
Ashley models are often known for their antique figure, and are more shocked than most models wearing a tight black snake skin dress.
Ashley Burns in the lens with a messy high ponytail, dark hair, sexy, smoky eyes and nude lips.
The 14-yard supermodel, from Lincoln, NE, USA, recently on vacation in the Philippines, she proudly posted \"lumps, lumps and fat masses\" on her thigh on Instagram.
During the beach shoot, you can see Ashley wearing a leopard print bikini and a delicate golden belly chain, enjoying cocktails in the sun lounger. “I workout.
I try my best to eat well.
I like my skin.
She wrote: \"I am not ashamed of some lumps, bumps or fat masses . . . . . . You shouldn\'t be ashamed either . \".
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