armless or harmless? kardashian family\'s \'epic photoshop fail\'

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-10
Fans of Kardashian claim that reality TV stars have become victims of \"epic Photoshop glitches\" at a recent event for Calvin Klein.
Dozens of Eagles.
Followers of the eyes noticed that Kourtney\'s right arm looked unnatural
Thinner than her left.
According to the Daily Mail, in the black and white photos released this week.
A netizen wrote: \"Wow.
Who bought this?
They need to be fired.
What happened to one of Kourtney\'s arms?
\"Others point out that Kendall, 22, seems to be at a strange angle in front of her sisters.
The photo was taken in February, just three months after 20-year-old Kylie Jenner gave birth to the stomi baby, and 34-year-old Khloe was still pregnant with her daughter True.
A group of photos saw 39-year-old Kourtney, 37-year-old Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie all dressed in the brand\'s underwear and denim collection.
However, it was the editor who drew comments from Instagram followers after Kim shared the picture online.
A fan joked, \"Yo, Kendall, why did you fall, what happened to your hand? Can you use photoshop? (sic).
Another follower asked, \"What happened to Kourtneys arms and Kendall ? \"
\"Hope they release this before shopping,\" the third added . \".
Another friend joked: \"Kourts arm is so ps-like. This picture is a bit strange . \"
\"More people agreed, and one of the followers wrote:\" They are all shopping in strange photography together, \"and another reasoning:\" Maybe not everything is an epic failure.
They look beautiful, but the edit is wrong.
\"Some people even claim that the Jenner sisters were later photographed by ps, and one of them asked,\" Why did Kendall go sideways, \"Another argued: \"I think they took pictures of Kylie in Kendall later.
\"Trying to explain this strange snapshot of the twist, one follows a theory:\" I think the sun reflects Kourtney\'s arm.
Let zoom tell me what you think.
But overall, this picture is very strange.
A Calvin Klein spokesperson also pointed out in an online interview with The Post that the appearance of Kourtney\'s arm is not the result of photography shopping, but a move under the sun. soaked shoot.
\"You can see it high up --
Res version of that picture [that]
There is no problem with Kourtney\'s arm;
However, the light hit it, which made its definition a little blurry, \"the spokesman explained. The higher-
The resolution version of the image shows a different view of the Kourtney arm
This is a more realistic ratio visible in the original lens.
On Tuesday, Kelly released more photos showing her trimmed waist in a white sports bra and revealed that the photos were taken three weeks after her baby, stomi, was born.
Kelly, who posted a series of snapshots in underwear and Cowboy Sports, wrote: \"just 3 weeks after I was born, @ willyvanderperre held this beautiful campaign for @ calvinklein
The ad \"I also like baby true to join our shoot.
Join our family.
\"Mail online has reached out to delegates from Calvin Klein and Kourtney Kardashian for comment.
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