Apartment development approved for Boston Landing, adjacent to New Balance HQ

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-04
The Boston Reconstruction Administration approved a 295
The unit apartment project at Boston landing location in Brighton is the location of the New Bailun headquarters.
Although a residential project has been on the market for many years, this batch must be after a few months of cooperation.
Sidsnb development and HYM Investment Group submitted construction plans to the city as early as December.
The New Bailun headquarters, the first building on the site, opened in September 2015.
In the end, Boston Landing will include Boston brown bear practice facilities, commuter train stations, sports centers with runways, retail stores, hotels, more office buildings and more residential apartments.
The bra mentioned at the ItsMarch conference points out that there will be a residential property at 125 guest Street, two-, and three-
Bedroom unit, as well as 300 parking spaces and bicycle spaces for residents.
The ground floor of the building will be combined with comfortable space for residents such as lobby, mail room, fitness room and meeting room, with a retail space of 16 000 square feet.
According to the project notification form, \"the residential building will be 6 floors high along Guest Street and 17 floors high along the future Hichborn Street.
\"It will also include a view roof terrace on the 3rd floor.
New Balance buys this two thousand mu of land at $125 on 2014 Street inearly 10 million
No specific plan was taken into account at the time to develop the property.
\"Adding residential units to the Boston Landing development project will help create and support a vibrant 24/7 block where people can now work and play,\" the project notification form wrote . \".
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