Answers to some questions about sports underwear are here

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-15
Answers to some questions about sports underwear are here

Sports bra, also known as sports bra, is a functional sports bra specially designed for female users when exercising. And support, can better protect the chest safety during exercise, to meet the daily exercise needs of female consumers.
I. Is sports underwear good?

This answer needs to be analyzed from different angles. From a functional point of view, sports underwear is specially designed to facilitate women to engage in various sports activities or to wear underwear to protect the chest when they are engaged in fitness and yoga clothes for women. It has the functions of anti-vibration and sweat absorption. On the one hand, it can fix the chest to avoid excessive vibration affecting the beauty and cause embarrassment, and it can also prevent the chest from hindering the movement. From the perspective of appearance and appearance, sports bras are stronger than ordinary bras, which minimize the movement of the chest during exercise, so some female users will experience certain discomfort when wearing them. It is recommended to choose a sports bra without steel ring, the comfort will be much better.

2. Can sports underwear be worn at ordinary times?
Can be worn but not recommended for long-term wear. Sports underwear is usually worn on sports occasions. In addition, sports underwear also needs to be washed and changed frequently to prevent sweat from invading the inner part of the underwear, damaging the fabric and shortening the life of the underwear. In addition, sports underwear is designed to emphasize the function of sports, so in terms of body sculpting, it is not as good as push-up underwear or body sculpting underwear that can show the beauty of women's curves. Therefore, it is not suitable to wear sports underwear as an outerwear or wear it with a sportswear manufacturer as underwear.

3. How to choose sports underwear?
This needs to choose different sports bras according to different exercise intensity. Because the impact force and flexibility of participating in different sports are different, low-intensity sports such as fitness, yoga clothes for women, hiking, and high-intensity sports such as running, tennis, and football need to consider the different stress on the shoulders, and the pressure of the bra on the chest. And other factors. Consider choosing shoulder straps, back buckles, etc. of different materials and widths, so when choosing sports underwear, we not only focus on its beauty, but also its protective effect on our body. Therefore, when buying a sports bra, it is best to try it on first, in order to choose a sports bra that fits well. A sports bra that is too large or too wide will not have the protective effect it should have, and a sports bra that is too tight or too small will It will compress the chest, and severe long-term wear may cause poor blood circulation and endanger health.

Four, other precautions for sports underwear

Sweating during exercise is inevitable, and sweat soaking through underwear is both unsightly and affects exercise performance. Therefore, the biggest feature of sports underwear is to absorb sweat, breathe, dehumidify, and deodorize. Therefore, sports bras are generally selected. The fabric is mainly pure cotton. Generally speaking, sports underwear has better elasticity, which is conducive to the movement and stretching of the limbs of the body.

The above points are the answers and suggestions for some questions about sports underwear. I hope that it can be used as a reference for the majority of female consumers when choosing sports underwear, and can help you choose the right sports underwear.

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